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Beards and white wine

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Beards. I am rocking a monster right now. Some ZZ top shit. I suffer from anxiety & I take the hairs from around my mouth & rip them them out with my teeth & then I make a point to examine the length of the individual hairs I manage to pull out with my teeth. It's fucking weird & I know my coworkers discuss this behavior behind my back. Some niggas pick noses, I rip facial hairs out of my face with my teeth & I love it.


When is enough enough? I rock the obnoxious beard because it irritates my dad & my wife (beacuse fuck them, I am a grown ass man..) but I hate it. I really want to go HW Plainview on them & walk around saying "I drink your milkshake...", but that is fantasy. Or is it? I also have a pair of shades that if I dyed the stash black, I could totally be a unibomber knock off if I shaved the rest, & I am totally into that.


white wine... I love white wine. Kim Crawford sav blanc is amazing. the 2008 is the best, 2009 is pretty great & 2010 is growing on me, but if you can find the '09, go with that. grapefruit, apple, good acid & well balanced. around $16 a bottle and well worth it. I cracked open a ($30) French Sancerre tonight & it's pretty amazing, but it ain't shit up against Kim Crawford. Beer: Dale's Pale Ale is best. Red wine, probably Flowers pinot noir or Cade Cab if I want something huge... Liquor, anything brown (duh) scotch, bourbon, mescal, & I do enjoy a sharp london dry gin on the rocks... Try the Scapa 16 yr. if you haven't already. Honestly though, white dry Sav blancs have been coming correct more than anything else. I guess I feel like a homo for pounding white wine. It's what my mom drinks. (but she is drinking over oaked chards that are under $8, so...)


This wasn't really about anything, just what is on my mind. What a luxury. We live in wonderful times, so I hope you all are enjoying yourselves, because this shit will end in our lifetime. Drink up!

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i got blackberry cabarnet sorbet on my brand new pants


that's not white wine


and i still can't grow a beard



fuck off/coolstory0

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I've got a beard. It's pretty civilised as far as beards go.

Picking hairs out is not something I like to do, but it's happened a few times whilst stressed out at work.


On the white wine tip.....Marsanne.

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