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Damn, po-lease gonna F you up!


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Okay so I'm not sure if I ever told 12oz this...






My stepdad was killed last year by a couple of police officers.



Up until the last few years he never made his money legally for as long as I had known him. Sold white/yayo/moved weight whatever it's being called nowadays but you wouldn't know by looking at him. He dressed well, nice house out of the hood and drove a sensibly nice car. Definitely the most prominent father figure in my life while my dad was away doing whatever. And he always treated my like his own son.


So still being partially involved or at least associating with the only lifestyle he'd known, his instincts were to always run from the cops. He wasn't even in the US legally, deported after a good stint in jail. This night he was pulled over for some sort of "routine traffic stop." Knowing him, we all assume he ran. They say they caught up with him and he struck one of the cops. Always being a hell of a boxer we're pretty sure he knocked the fuck outta these motherfuckers with a couple hits and pissed them off... So cops will be cops and they had weapons.....


They said "He put up a struggle and hit the ground..." Hitting the fucking ground doesn't break your jaw, give you black eyes, a broken nose and a fracture skull. The paramedics said he died once on the way to the hospital, they revived him then died and brought to life once more. He was completely unconscious and pretty much a barely breathing person by the time we all saw him.


It was around 1am and I'm at the hospital staring at one of the most strongest men in my life entrenched in a fucking brain dead state.



The feeling of knowing this happened to him by police officers has completely rotated how I feel towards them.








That's my lil brother's (his dad) left arm in the above pic. Strong dude, just like his dad. Rare times I'd ever seen him cry.


This was of course after he had been cleaned up. Leg injuries too but didn't flick 'em. His nose kept leaking and I kept trying to wipe it off.




So every time I see something like the original post, I'm heated in an unusual way. I'm not a violent person, by no means. But goddamn if I wouldn't make a few calls, grab a fucking clutch and lay into those motherfuckers who did this.

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that'd be cool if they had a riot in Houston like the rodney king riots in LA

I bet if he was white they wouldn't have hit and kicked him fucking pigs


There was alotta talk about a protest around the time. Unfortunately, it was all hood and younger people who mostly just couldn't make it happen.


The case got a 30 sec spot on a couple news channels but the media will be the media and construe the story completely wrong.

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