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yeah another Eon thread

EON 352

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ok so fuck posting this shit on erowid you guys would be far more interested in hearing this instead of some tweaker coming across this story on erowid at o dark early coming off a meth binge . yeah im that fucked up.


well my landlords are being sheisty ass motherfuckers once again and trying to pull some extortion or some shit of that nature..... shit. they are trying to charge me a $150 smoking charge and some other bullshit cause i the cops practically raided my place while i happend to be smoking a bowl with some friends on the couch. thats a whole other mess entirely. but im actually trying to keep this from turning into a quantifying tangent of drugs and just being a professional piece of shit in general.


well i went to pick up one of my homeboys to take him to work after finding all this out. he told me he had picked up some acid the night before and some 'skrillex' show. he said it was fire, and i took his word for it. i bought 2 hits and my other friend that was with us bought one. i drop homeboy off at work. things went fine and dandy there.


so me and my other friend went back to a mutual friends house and split one hit. didn't notice anything really, exception of a small body high. hell we even ended up doing some baby sitting for our friend while we were there. after about an hour or so my homeboys MMA trainer comes over and invites us back to his place for dinner. this guy hooked it up. god damn good food.


but this guy deserves the title of 'black sinsae'.

special ops, god knows how many displines of fighting. and this guy was for real. no bullshit. so me and homeboy are on half a hit piece. and this guy is there showing us techniques. at one point he got a knife from the kitchen. decent sized carving knife. hands it to me. "now come at me, like your gonna kill me." were his next words. guy blocked it and pinned me in less than 3 seconds. than decided to take the blade and cut off a chunk of my hair. least to say i got my ass humbly served. he ended up offering me and my other friends free food and would teach us any technique he knew to us free of charge. which i plan on taking him up on.


well we ended up going back to my friends house after all that where i decided to eat the other tab and a half. i had a friend of mine drive me home. in the process of getting back to my place we stopped at a gas station for a blunt. i went to go take a piss. and this where things get weird.



i had remember that i had scribed one of the tiles in this restroom last year. i went over to look at it. for the next 5 mins i stood there staring a going through the motion of the scribe in my head while staring in absolute focus at this scribed tile. i turned my head slightly to the right and the whole entire bathroom was just a flurry of checkered tiles. (hands down strongest visual ive ever had on cid) i left the bathroom after this and bought my shit and we were on our way.


we decided to go back to my friends place instead of mine. we got there and everyone decided to pass out. myself and the friend that i originally dropped with stayed up for a while trying to find fucked up erowid stories to laugh at. he passed out eventually. probably a good thing since he was coming off a 3 day adderal binge. which eventually lead me to writing this. all the typos in this are due to the fact that screen is still doing waves while i write this. and all the things i've experienced in the last 24 hours i've yet to have any ephiany of any sort. i think im doomed to keep wholling in my shit like this for a good amount of time. i was stuck in a rut leading up to all this. just living like this day in day out for past month. except this first done anything besides smoking weed this month. i guess thats my ephinany out all this. coming to the relization that im a pothead that gets by on loans from family members and the wages i make from being a sign waver for Liberty Tax part time. that im about to get a loan from my roommate so i can pay rent. and live of the food my sensai is down to cook for me. (yeah i know its weird and awesome that i have mentor that i refer to as sensai). even as fucked as my life has become since ive last been on here, is not as bad as i once thought. i coud salvage it and get myself in a decent overall place financially, sprititually, and somehow find a way to start acting like a mature twenty year old.


maybe today is that day. so im gonna wake up my boys since they were going to donate plasma today. and twist up a blunt and hope for the best and expect the worst. the only thing i can say ive come to realise is this, is that genuine humility can not be taught, yet gained inherinently through experience, and true growth can only be obtained through humility. that probably sounds like frayed logic coming from some retard. which it really is.

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you went from naive totally urban graffito kid to hanging out with drug addicts and telling us about your totally bad ass acid trip where you went to a gas station toilet and bought some stuff then went on the computer.


fuck im jealous of your life

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Do more acid, become bill gates.


But really, i had to abuse the shit out of my brain with acid before i had a good idea of what to do with myself.


Ok. I didn't HAVE to, but i can say, there's certain actions and ideas of mine that i've thought over very carefully on LSD, and has since changed how i act for the better.


Fuck everyone, eat tons of acid. Just stay away from a computer and your phone when you do it. Nobody likes to get 500 IMs/text messages from someone on 5 hits.

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well right now i have about $7 in the account. i completely sober and broke. hating life. desperately looking for a job or some source of income besides my bullshit job waiving a sign. something a good damn monkey could do. i see a long line of painful plasma donations ahead of me. im actually thinking about quitting all drugs and focusing 100% on the job search. and what that guy fed me was dish of crab, scallops, slices of pork, long grain brown rice, along with some pinto beans in it. no i did not stab my mentor. i actually told him i was tripping after all that and he laughed. "you just slapped somebody on acid, you know that right"


but yeah i have a circle of junkies for friends. im a success story bound to happen. nothing beats having residual visuals 14 hours later. lets hope i get the job.

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