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My semi retarded brother in-law

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@Frate_Raperyou around anymore? Updates?!

I just watched dude devour an entire large pizza with a pint of milk chaser.........now he's mashing out a jumbo costco sized bag of ruffles.       retards can be awesome

Re: My semi retarded soon to be brother in-law   Don't literally fuck him. But literally kill him.

Re: My semi retarded soon to be brother in-law


Its all well and good to call me out on being old and living in the past, but it had absolutely nothing to do with my initial post.


Back in my day kids stayed relevant, back in my day kids were witty.


so sorry we dont mail each other home made graffiti sticker zine care packages and get all buddy buddy anymore.


i just hope that one day the current userbase can be as relevant as its former generation was, whatever the fuck that means

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Nah, you had to have skills for people to want to trade home made graffiti zine care packages with you so you'd be in the same position either way. ooooh! Burn? I dont know, maybe... i'm just e-clowning you I have no idea what your skill level is. But being as you keep asking about how good it was here in an antagonising way here are some facts:


Fact: In 2005 I travelled the world and paid ZERO for accomodation, how? because cool ass people off this site would put me up on spare beds and matresses, not to mention take me to spots and play tour guide.


Another Fact: I still use the art supplies people off this site sent me, I was laced with THAT much stuff in 2004-2005 (some of it still unopened)


Its cool though, you can go back to making fun of retards and hitting refresh on the sydney and perth threads for reposts of old graffiti and ugly tags.

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Unsolicited comment, but last I checked you can still enjoy free accommodation and get hosted by locals when you visit, as long as you're not a DWEEB...If they had paid your airfare, now that would be impressive


Package trade has definitely slowed down, but I remember it surged a couple times a few years ago...





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last year i got packages from 2 oontzers....sent two myself


also the KIR thread pretty much derails yer whole argument nagger.



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Japanese Develop 'Shut Up, Now' Gun


Mark Hachman By Mark Hachman

March 1, 2012 01:08pm EST



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SpeechJammer Scenario


A pair of researchers in Japan have developed "SpeechJammer," a prototype "gun" designed to compel people to stop talking, without physically harming them.


The "gun" is actually a directional speaker, combined with an input microphone, a motherboard, and software, all combined inside a small box that can be either fixed or used as a portable device. It uses what's known as delayed auditory feedback (DAF), essentially turning people's own voices against them in disconcerting fashion, to compel loudmouths to clam up.


The device was developed by Kazutaka Kurihara of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Japan, and Koji Tsukada of Ochanomizu University in Japan.


The problem that the researchers were trying to solve was a cultural one: in some cases, one person can simply overwhelm another, dominating a conversation through sheer volume and persisting when it is their turn to let others speak. The researchers did not note the tried-and-true method used at the Academy Awards, where music that gradually increases in volume is deployed to "play off" those with lengthy speeches. But they observed that in most social settings (train cars and libraries being among the exceptions), it is simply impolite to tell others to be quiet, even though their turn to speak has ended.


The SpeechJammer is predicated upon the principle that the humans are disconcerted by DAF, which "jams" speech when our own voices are played back to us, and slightly delayed. The effect is well-documented, the researchers said, and is related to stuttering.


"We utilized DAF to develop a device that can jam remote physically unimpaired people's speech whether they want it or not," Kurihara and Tsukada wrote.


SpeechJammer Closeup


The researchers tried out two prototypes, one fixed and another portable, each using some combination of a directed speaker that could be operated at a distance. Sounds entered the system via a direction-sensitive microphone, were delayed via the software, and the delayed speech was "shot" back at the speaker.


Did it work? The study found that the effect varied, depending on the volume of the speaker's voice and the gain of the input and output of the microphone/speaker assembly. The researchers tested two scenarios: a "spontaneous monologue," as well as a case where the reader read news aloud. In the latter case, SpeechJammer was more effective, although the researchers did not speculate as to why. The paper also found that SpeechJammer was ineffective at discouraging prolonged sounds, such as "Aaaaaahhhhhhh."


The story was originally reported by the MIT Technology Review.

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last year i got packages from 2 oontzers....sent two myself


also the KIR thread pretty much derails yer whole argument nagger.




KIR's jerky /nh is worth any trade. It was delicious! Trees for jerky isn't my typical hustle, but i'd do it again in a heartbeat.

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Sup faggots




So heres a quick Frank story!




Hes parents are doing a massive reno on their home right now. My normal brother in law is a contractor/home builder. Hes doing the work, when I have time I help.


Frank lives at home, STILL.....for FREE...STILLLL.


Few weeks back it's time to remove the floor of the basement.....we jack hammer up the floor,put it in buckets and carry it outside to my dump truck.




He noticed his dad pull up scrambles like a wounded elephant to get down stairs to find us finished........WERE FUCKING PISSSSSSED!



His brother-"oh wow frank glad you could join us"


Frank-"oh welll I thought i'd be in the way"


Brother-"get out of my sight you shirtless sack of shit"


Frank dips


I'm dying laughing and expecting a fist fight.......BUT FRANK DOES ONE BETTER


He finds the old man outside checking out the truck and proceeds to tell him that hes sick of having to do everything in the basement and that it's not fair that he has to reno the house on his spare time.




His dad is flooooored, and is looking at us covered in concrete next to a dump truck filled with rubble, when drops this gem!!!


Dad-"Frank go inside and put a shirt on you useless sack of shit, you dont even know how to wear clothes let alone reno my fucking house"


but he said this with arms and hands flying all over in portuguese


Frank dipped again and I havent heard the end of it from my brother-in-law.

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shut your grammar nazi bullshit up. what are you, an english teacher?


quality material frate. i wonder if he's ever contemplated killing frank.


Nah I iz a professa br0.

Nothing against the Frank story.

I, like bed framed here, would like to hear more about the humorously under-developed Frank.

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I hate it when people abbreviate words ie reno. That's like when girls say "jelly" or "presh" instead of jealous and precious.


only someone who has never done an ounce of manual labor would say something so fucking gay.


youre the kinda dude who calls a plumber when his toilet wont flush arent you?

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