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Hah that was my experience with that series as well. Friends kept going on n on about it. Watched one ep; the one where he fucks a pig and that was it for me 

low budget, was ok small twist  

@metronomestarted bobyguard last night, so far so good. Thanks for the rec  @mr.yuckwill add the fall to the list too

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Anybody watch the comedy specials Netflix has put out? Recently saw Seinfeld, Chappelle, Amy Schumer and...... they weren't funny?!?! Not sure I finished any of those.


Schumer's act has become stank over time, probably too many hands getting into it or something. Now her act is like I'm a drunk, my pussy stinks, I'm a ho, let me act out cum sitting on my head. Not a lot of laughs left there. Seinfeld's was a mix of new and quite old material, didn't know people still like to see a 20 year old bit performed. He is a funny guy, so disappoint. And Chappelle.... such a funny fucker, drew so much attention to numerous social issues with his show and then... yeah, humor in his special did not seem to match up.


Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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So the good news is I just watched the newer Chappelle specials, Equanimity, and The Bird Revelation. MUCH better than the prior Netflix one I saw, this is more like Chappelle Show Dave. The Bird Revelation is the better one IMO, I'd watch it 2nd if you're watching both. Dave hits on a lot of current shit I've been tempted to rant about on here, was pretty funny to hear someone else's observations... I lked it.

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Equanimity was hilarious, the bit on Rachel Dolezal was at the top for me.


The Bird Revelation was more conversational I guess? I enjoyed it, and hope it will stir more "woke" conversations and introduce people who like Chappelle simply for Rick James/Couch memes to some of these heavier conversations. The first 20 or so minutes when he was talking about current Hollywood seemed very from-the-hip and a lot less refined than most of his jokes, didn't think the punchlines in that segment were as solid. I guess that is what process looks like?




Also, I thought the first special was decent. Not mind blowing, but better than most of the netflix stand up shows that I stop watching within 10 minutes... I "worked" through the Judah Friedlander special (something about America #1 country) and had a few chuckles, only one standout joke along the lines of " Mike Pence believes being gay is a choice because he chose to be straight."


Won't waste my time with Schumer, might try Seinfeld. Being on satellite internet now I have limited data and have to ration my streaming (100 gigs a month down and up) so a lot of shows I would normally just space out through I am forced to rate and rank... firstworldproblems...

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I didn't find myself laughing much to the 1st one so turned it off.

On the Seinfled, no need to waste the data IMO. Or if it's easier on data Howard Stern interviewed him and he talks about some of his new bits from the special.

Rewatched both those new Chappelle ones just now, feel they're about equal, laughs were had.

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I watched the chappelle ones...i thought they were good...jo Koys newest Netflix special was VERY funny to me.


Only made it half way through tom seguras newest special...I'll finish it later but it seemed like his older ones were funnier.

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jo Koys newest Netflix special was VERY funny to me.


Just watched that but only found it mildly amusing... better toward the end. Might have been slightly soured by trying to watch the new Katt Williams one before that, had a similar kind of warming up period where like the 1st 15 minutes are about one topic before moving on to various things. Didn't finish the KW.


I've watched a few of these now with not a lot of laughs for the time spent, think it's me, I'd rather some clever one-liners, some of the insult stuff, the edgy shit that pushes buttons while making you laugh.

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Maybe it's because i was comparing jo koy's special to the last few ones which weren't as funny.


Tom segura's last special wasn't as funny as his previous ones...so i guess every comedian has their ups and downs when it comes to specials.

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I think it's also that comedy & the world are at a more PC/kinder/gentler place right now where the edgy, provocative humor is viewed as a little less acceptable. And of course we lost some good ones like Greg Giraldo, Louis CK pretty much silenced himself for now...

Looked Gilbert up as on of the people who has pretty much been unfiltered his whole career regardless of cost. You either love or hate him I guess, but if you're on the plus side I came across this trailer:

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6 minutes ago, 3fermadness said:

Any body tried that multiple ending, path choosing movie on netflix recently. Bandersnatch is what it ls called i think

Heard of it. Haven’t seen it. It’s a Blk Mirror ep or something?

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