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Hah that was my experience with that series as well. Friends kept going on n on about it. Watched one ep; the one where he fucks a pig and that was it for me 

low budget, was ok small twist  

@metronomestarted bobyguard last night, so far so good. Thanks for the rec  @mr.yuckwill add the fall to the list too

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chef's table wasn't bad

the argentinian guy is cool.


but i did just have it on in the background while i was sewing. not sure it's enough to hold my attention completely.

i like the concept though.

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Roommate with the Netflix acct is moving out



Thinking of getting Amazon Fire Phone, comes with 1 year Amazon Prime membership.


Need phone upgrade, two birds one stone!

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I've heard nothing but good stuff about that show.


In queue before it are: Man in the High Castle, Jessica Jones, Season 2 of True Detective.


I'm on ep 4 of Man in the High Castle. It is pretty entertaining, reasonably true to Dick's story. A bit slow, but suspense is real.

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watched man in the high castle . not bad. i have some issues, but it's such a good idea for a show.

i'll have to read the book.. apparently it diverges a lot?


master of none is good, but better if not binged, imo.

jessica jones is cool. not often we see female anti heroes so i love that.


true dick season 2 was supposed to be so goddamned bad. meh. prolly not gonna bother.

i watched The Killing again.

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true dick season 2 was supposed to be so goddamned bad. meh. prolly not gonna bother.


It's probably painfully obvious from my moniker that I'm a fan, but I absolutely loved TD season 2. Honestly, once you understand it, it is almost

as good as the first season. The two problems IMO are that there were too many leads for an eight episode season. They should have either given Nic(writer) four more episodes, or kept it to Collin, Vince, and Rachel. The second problem, and HBO admitted this, they rushed him because they were blood thirsty to repeat the success.


Not to sound like an egomaniac, but I think it goes over most people's heads. You have to watch it twice to appreciate it fully.

The first viewing was good, but I was disappointed due to the epicness of the first season.

Recently, I went back and watched it a second and third time, and once you're not spending your time wondering who is who, and what

is going on, it is a very enjoyable, very awesome piece of TV.


At least give it a look.......

How anyone can watch this scene and not think this show is the shit is beyond me.

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