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Your Quality of life.


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What are some things your need in your you n eed to be happy? (money excluded)


All I need in life is


1- To not have to use an alarm clock to wake up- having to wake up early on somebody else's terms is extremely painful for me, especially pulling back those sheets on a cold winters morning (i've actually had thoughts where I wish I could die because I could sleep in a warm coffin for eternity)


2- To wear what the fuck I want- I cant express how much I hate ironing business shirts/pants and how uncomfortable crappy work shoes are. Its a hot day just let me wear a tshirt, some shorts and some trainers. In all honesty i've turned down some higher paying positions because their incredibly strict dress conditions.


Thats all I can think of right now because of how much theyre bothering me. I'm curious though what are some things you need? Do you have them?

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i really cant complain about how life is going right now, i was very confused about where my future was going a year or two ago and was considering suicide, but now things are drastically different.


my only quips with life right now are not being to afford the mpc 3000 i see at this pawn shop everyday and the lack of females on my side of campus. all male dorms suck, man. no homo.




my bike



beer ( getting sick of beer honestly, ever since i discovered http://www.drankbeverage.com/, seriously, this shit + a blunt of some crucial headies will have you on couch lock heavy son son.)

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For me to have a good quality of life I need to point out the dumb shit, like this thread.

What's beyond my tolerance is being broke and not living up to my potential on some fake "I'm cool and act like "I'm 16 again" shit.


Kinda bothers me when some rich kid or looser that's wasting their time here in life feels like they're keeping it real on some hood or I don't wanna grow up shit.

These motherfuckers always had a nice family house to sleep at growing up, got to go through school without doing mad juvy bids and foster homes/homeless and had all these opportunities I didn't.

Then they try to come off like they're "mad hood yo" on some fake shit because they chose to be loosers.

I just have no tolorance for that adult teen wigger juggalo shit, I'd be mad lazy too if I had moms basement in the suburbs to fall back on.

Reminds me of the crowd in Brooklyn with trust funds pretending they're poor, motherfucker if had loot like that I wouldn't be on some thrift store bullshit.

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no, not really.


i only need the life i've built for myself.

good home, good health, good friends, good herb, good food, good dogs.

i also have a job i like and finally have a boss i adore.

the job allows me to provide the other things i need..

transport and means to paint, and travel.


all the rest is incidental.

no, i don't always feel good, life does have ups and downs that don't relate to 'stuff'

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