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Little Blue Baby Bluetooth Bianca


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whats the deal with this shit, how easy is it to connect to o.p.p.


im sittin here tonight on my laptop. and i notice an icon pop up in the top right corner. its a mac which may be relative, dunno. you tell me.


i click it, its bluetooth. says im "on" says im "diskoverable" yadda yadda yadda.so im like wtf, i aint never fucked with no bluetooth on here in my life.


my wifi signals late night / early morning are horrific here. seemingly always after 4am. which iv randomly questioned in the past but never fully or to the point of saying it out loud, but straight goods. always after my neighbor gets home. apparently dude has a job working night shift. family guy but extremley condecending, inquisitive and way beyond "nosey" and we aint got no shit service, my girls hella downloader chick so she needs a quickfast speed so thats what we order.


but ya so this place im living in had a baby die in the master bedroom this year, suffocated. the previous guy before us was apparently housing illegal immigrants and the place got raided. three tennants ago still has mail comming here. never nothin good but oddly enough to go with the timing of my questions right now had some court registry papers come. so of course i opened em. first page looked pretty divorce standard with a date to be attended then it continues onto the second of three pages to which sets into his conditions. WOW.


no alcohol, no drugs. ok whatevs, aaaand no MOLESTING a couple names im gonna assume to be the kids. dayyyum. strange house to say the least. apparently like 2 years ago some people lived here with an autistic kid who walked around looking for open doors, and found one across from me. dudes a hunter, kid was tryin to get at the rifles.


seems to go on and on, and though my city aint oakland it sure aint the hamptons neither. this place is in a solid pocket of about 6 square blocks of pretty fuckin family orientated homes. so because of the citys drug problems are on steady red alert for suspicious activity to keep this little "pocket" like that.


anyways, the only wifi signals during this time frame im talkin about are mine, and the neighbor guy that gets home late.






so, questions:


- can a device pair with my computer without touching my computer.


- can i find out if my computer has been paired in the past.


- do they need actually hands on access to my comp to pair either never or just once o set it up.


- what is a typical range for a btooth device.


- can i determine by what device.


- if so, what can they see.


also, this may be my thoguht to be a potentiality, the other day i paird my bluetooth thing to my cell sitting in front of my comp, could my computer, which must have at some point shut down, have picked that up and as some sort of default launched the option and/or icon on the top of my screen.


everything is set to on and visible though, and it also reads in the menu "other devices that connect use _______ to access your computer. which was/is my fucking comp id word.


sup with this shit, just standard. or is some bullshit going down. my girl? she gave me the device i hooked up the other day on comp, it was a gift from her brother she doesnt use. was still in the box but plastic wrapping had been removed from the unit so at the very least she played around with it. this thing sat at her house like a month without me around prior to moving in here.


could be nothin, i dunno.



-hooked up the other day near comp.

-this thing being my comp.

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and fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuug for the record, that was the short version.


i had somehow spewed out like some massive infostructure of sdfkshfck.sahfdahsb烬ƒ∫˜fa.ncdn/a9 and was smart enough to realize how rediculous it was. but there is a blue tooth icon on my comp for some reason.

































































































































































































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