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Sight-seein', we might be in

The Quattroporte, or that new white BM

Home from FAMU with a gorgeous face,

Next semester she transfer to Florida State

Cooking like home-ec for financial aid

I held her down, she had problems with financial aid .

Remember, meantime my finance is straight

I even open up the doors to the panache estates


She used to fight with her moms

Till I sat em both down, now she's tight with her moms

Yeah I put the ice on her arm

Now she know she getting sliced, spending nights in Milan

We still blow weed together

Cheated on her but we still gon' be together

With the house on the water, hit the beach whenever

She's from the north, and still can't believe the weather


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It'll calm down by February, and then be in full swing again when school lets out for the summer.

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