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New York Prisoner blog

Leland Palmer

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pretty sure as in 100% sure that it is in fact legit. Quite sure this may sway any of you with a grey cell




Its a reference from the federal bureau of prisons.


The blog, its a good read though right? Even if it was bullshit, which it isn't.

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Aloe guvnah. Lol this nigga bought my virtual chav accent.


no, i was replying to the person who bumped the thread above me. i quoted your awesome english accent impersonation cos it made me laugh. spot on though. everyone here says 'safe, bruv, innit' in every sentence. good work.

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"Oh how the mighty hath fallen..


..In less than a year i've gone from a lifestyle consisting of

unadultered daily doses of blowjobs and butthole to masterbating

once a week in a prison cell over a picture of Jessica Alba buying a coffee.."

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