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Unthreadworthy Questions

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There are a shitload of threads that get started because someone has a dumb question. I do it too, it's okay. Basically, this is a catchall for questions that probably don't need their own thread. For instance:


I have been looking into getting a graphic design tablet, but don't know shit about them or anybody who uses one. They vary wildly in price and I have no idea what I need exactly. Basically, I am looking to draw directly into Illustrator rather than retrace my pen and ink drawings into vector art. What's a good tablet to buy in the 100-300 dollar range?


No tits, just questions and answers.

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You do realize that almost no one on here has low enough narcissism levels not to create their own thread to get more attention brought to their question, right?


It's kinda rhetorical, but I made sure to make it a question for the thread

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