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First Thing You Ever Stole

Weapon X

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i was in kohl's with my mom back when i was 7 or 8...


i seen this sweet ass magic trick toy thing where you stab a little sword through a penny or some shit like that... i took it out the box and pocketed it... mom never caught that one


i took a hiatus till i was 11 or 12, my brother ran a fireworks stand around the 4th of july, i was sitting with him, when he left to go get some grub, i pocketed some smoke-bombs that looked like wolf pack firecrackers, i was real hype. My brother seen them peeking out my pocket when he came back and was pissed... like "wtf you're too dumb to even get real firecrackers!"


real smooth.

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Macross/robotech toy from a mall kb toys store in like 85...

Transformers from toys r us from 86 to 90 ..

Fuck i cant even begin to recollect the sheer amount of usless junk ive stolen.


I picked up a habit of stealing napkin dispensers at 15 and still do it to this day

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