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Internet Identity System Said Readied by Obama Administration

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Someone in reddit/netsec said this of the bill:

  • It will not be run by the government, so the government will have a scapegoat. Too, this will enhance the revolving door and facilitate no-bid contracts, kickbacks and cronyism.
  • It will promise privacy but require a centralized all-encompassing database to better insure both a single point of failure and to facilitate compromise.
  • In an effort to facilitate end-to-end security an endpoint module will be required which will be available as an unsigned Win32 executable only. No WOW will execute this program, native 32 only.
  • To assist ease of use everything nec'y to acquire an identity will be stored locally on the end-users computer. Some items will be encrypted (ROT13 of course), most will be stored as plain text. The remainder will be stored as persistent Flash SharedObject, where the version of Flash required is Current-(rand()).
  • In an effort to ensure floating use a single sign-on will replicate all data locally into the previously mentioned persistent store, with permissions 466.
  • The EULA for the previously mentioned W32 end-point module will hold the user responsible for all activity and purchases without exception. All issues with the "security provider" must submit to arbitration whose sole award shall be limited to no more than six months of credit monitoring.
  • To limit any damage that a "hacker" might cause any compromise in the system shall place the end-user on "lock-down" making the end-user ineligible to change or close revolving credit accounts, bank accounts, address, or payroll sources.
  • To ensure security for all citizens no merchant may transact business on-line within the U.S. without participation in the system.

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