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Death By Bass (Not the fish)

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My boy just got a system and needs some bass jams. So far i have:


Chemical Brothers - Bass Test

Ice T - Midnight

Geto Boys - Not a Gentleman

N.W.A. - 8- Ball


I am looking to make a cd that will get him in trouble. What you got for a bass mix?

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ya but bass is a good thing. even deicide through a system rules. that is just what immediately came to mind which is why i am asking for suggestions

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That 6 Foot 7 Foot song...torn up lyrically...the beat makes me want to shoot up a children's hospital though, fuck it's annoying...

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Here is mine, however, I changed the box design to aquire more air flow....











Inside Box Design Is Custom Built, Not Available for Public




The Airport is now in the bottom.


People Can Post Songs and such, but you need to know what "Hertz" ya boy hits harder.


Mine are From 35-45 Hertz.

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Couldnt have just asked in here?


All I can think of...


Lil Wayne - A Milli

Paul Wall - Break Em Off

Rasaq - Hypa Light

Lil Wayne - 6 foot 7 foot

Cool Kids - Gold and a Pager

Cool Kids - Black Mags


Idt all of them bump super hard, but a couple do


nope. that was last year. R.I.P 2010 thread. but thanks for the help. \m/

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Nas - Oochie Wally

Daz Killinger - My System

Three 6 Mafia

Lil Wyte - Doubt me now, Oxycotton

Choppa - Represent Yo Block

Ciara - Oh

Lil Flip - We Aint Playin

Lil Wayne - Go DJ, Bring it Back

Sporty Theivez - No Pigeons

Deep Cover - Dr.Dre + Snoop

Bad News - Das Efx + PMD

Let's Git It On - Smif-N-Wessun

three 6 mafia - where is da bud

Alchemist feat. LOX-Essence

JKwon-Hood Hop

DMX-Stop Being Greedy

50 Cent-Just A Lil Bit

Game-Start from Scratch

Lil Jon-Bia Bia

N.O.R.E. feat. Ashanti-Hang Hang

Chris Brown-Run It

CNN-Blood Money Pt 3

2pac - still ballin

Dirty Boys - 6 deep creepin, Hit Da Floe, Pimp and The Gangsta

Nappy Heads Robbery

Youngbloodz - Damn

PitBull- DAmmit man, Thats nasty

just for shits try Rated R - Good Pussy, (ft Lil John) Ride

Crime Mob - Knuck if you Buck

Three Six Mafia - Rainbow Colors (ft Lil Flip)

Game - How we do (decent)

DMX - Go to sleep ft eminem

Bone Thugz- Thug Luv

Ying Yang Twins - boom






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How many amps does he have?





One can never have enough.




Edit: to be helpful:

DJ Magic Mike

Techmaster P.E.B.

Secret Frequency Crew

Bass Invaders

Bass Junkie


Some of these don't have much going for them except lots of bass.

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I was at a stop light and had my system on "Normal" Volumes. The Guy in front was making a big deal that i had a system.


So I turned it up and he decides to go slower so i can "pass him".


pffffffffffffffff. Thats cruisin Status right there. So he pulled over so i can pass em and all mad and honking.


People over here slow down so you can pass them if your system is thumping. :lol:

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