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Nostradamus predictions 2012, only a year away...

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Nostradamus had also predicted certain things about the first black President of America, Barrack Obama. He had predicted that Obama would become the President and as we all know that he did. He also predicted that Obama would come in to contact with a person who will be an anti-Christ and this contact will lead to the start of the Third World War, involving almost all the countries of the world.


my predictions (for in a year when you crackpots revisit this thread):


aliens come down and tell us everything we know about how to live our life and our religions and shit - all thats wrong. everyone points out that it's eerily similar to this "anti-christ" phenomena, mass hysteria and world war?


also, zombies

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Did anyone know that Nostradamus also had other predictions that were false? And didn't come true. The world isn't ending in 2012 were are just going into a mass change because we have reached the other end of the milky way galaxy. If anything world war III will be over water.

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ill have to jot that down with the other ten thousand doomsday prophecies that have been a joke throughout humans existence, just another ramble from some "religious" nut fuck that doesn't even know the earth is fucking round, making words

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did this fuckwit Nostradamus actually predict anything correctly to get his rep up or is it entirely based on deadshits thinking that he predicted Obama and AIDS and Nuclear Bombs because he said "there will be a man shrouded in darkness, great pestilence, and destruction..." or some similar vaguery

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