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What Are You Listening to 2011teen


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yoooo just started recording and shit it aint even good but im young and tryin to get it poppington slimes!

like the facebook page and subscribe to the youtube channel cuz its my friends and hes gonna be putting up some new york graff vids and shit


youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/MrBoxCut


facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cloud-...19292608092451

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Fucking your pussy was like fucking the wound from a shotgun blast... With gang green!

Sorry ladies but this song goes out to all the guys out there

that have been fucked over by that lie known as love

Bottoms up.


Looking back at all the times we had, I wish I could tell ya' that they weren't all so bad.

But in the end we were just wasting our time,

Yeah I knew what you were but I was out of my mind.

Lost my mind...


I knew you were common when we started this thing,

So very common with you're everyday dreams.

But I was desperate for a heart of gold,

So I took a chance and I came in from the cold.

Life's so cold...


Let me let you in on a secret fellas

if she sucks great cock she's a pro

and if she spreads on the first date she's a hoe


I oughta' have my fucking head examined for screwing with a skank like you.

But it wasn't like I really felt for you, I was just cold and empty through and through...


I thought you were something but you proved me wrong.

Money is your only god, what a tired boring old song.

Just another coward out to sell your soul but it just goes to show that

Nothing in this world is forever.

And people are all the same.

And there's no such thing as love.

It left me choking like a candle in the cold hard rain.


But there's just one thing I never told ya. You're numb fucking broad


You were so common, you were so cheap,

Another coke snortin' slut from the barroom scene.

But brother, I was so empty, I was so blind,

I turned my back on the truth before my very eyes.


'cause sister, you could have been anybody.

You could have been anyone.

All I needed was anybody,

All I needed was anyone.


Check this out I was cold and empty and your body was warm

You could have been one of those fucking blow up dolls for all I fucking cared

Thanks for the fucking memories you fucking sow!


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