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So I am taking a mini trip to Atlanta from Jan. 28th - Feb. 1st. I know nothing of Atlanta and where to eat, shop, hang out, what to see, etc...Any of you fools got any suggestions? I'm looking on yelp and other websites but I don't think they use it as much as we do in California.



Unfortunately, I am going for business purposes. I will most likely be eating extremely healthy crap all day and I wanna find the grimiest, most delicious southern food there is around. Help a sister out!



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Which would be fine with me because I have yet to go to a Hooters that actually had tits on deck.


Flat chested Hooters is a cryin shame but the wings were pretty good.

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northside tavern is dope for live jazz/blues. strong drinks, nice vibe, good bands.


apache cafe is cool for hip hop jams and has some pretty official acts come thru


as far as food goes.. marco's pita has some delicious organic wraps and pitas


check creative loafing atlanta for listings of local happenings. if you want specifics drop me a line.

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go to belly

and tell me how the cupcakes are



i dunno. people are going to laugh or say i'm an idiot but i find atlanta to lack personality.

whenever i'm there it feels soul-less. it has a fractured feel to it, no real neighborhoods with personality.

compared to say, chicago, or seattle, the place leaves a lot to be desired. clearly i am the wrong person to ask.

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hit up Elmyr in little 5 points for good tacos/burritos and cheap booze.


Daddy D'z on hill and memorial dr. for the banging bbq


chick fil a is a must, i don't eat fast food, except for chick fil a.


The Earl in east atlanta has mini corn dogs, fried okra, and good burgers. also cheap booze and good music.


the vortex in little 5 also has really good burgers (note: the quadruple bypass)


Six Feet Under on memorial is also a good southern soulfood/seafood spot.


and go to Southern Star Tattoo on ponce if you happen to want a good tattoo whilst you are there.


basically there is awesome food everywhere you go, so try it all out. oh and i almost forgot about

Mary Mac's on ponce, for the real homecooked southern food, pricey but gooood.

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Thumbs up diner and Six Ft Under for catfish and waffles or your a fucking faggot and you waisted your time in atlanta... the food and subway system save that city...

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