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Old Graffiti Magazines...


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I miss the magazines from the 90s. Sometimes i wish i can go back in time and cop me all the Can Controls, Crazy Kings, Under Covers, Hype, Fatcap, Xylene (from canada) etc.


While You Were Sleeping used to be a badass magazine and had a badass video, until it started becoming trendy.


Now all you see on the shelf is European mags and Juxtapoz (which is pretty much a mag to read on the toilet).


When are the magazines that are out today, going to quit doing interviews with the same fucking people, or MC's. And taking their time putting in quality burners? We all know what a 2 color throwup looks like, but what about 20 or 30 pages of multicolor burners and freights?


Honestly when i pick up a graffiti mag, im not gonna give 2 shits about who they interview. The only people we should be learning about is the pioneers who paved the way across the country. Some people dont even want to hear that shit however.


I know wah wah wah. Im sounding like a baby, But someone needs to make a magazine out there that cuts out the bullshit and gets to the point.


If anyone has any 90s mags for sale hit me up ill buy them all..... Im looking for crazy kings and early can controls.

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Yo I feel you on the magazine game here in the states. If you check some websites like iladelstylez.net I think you can find some of the old Can Controls anything other than that gotta go on Ebay or from time to time there will be people posting there stash they want to sell. I got all the magz you are talking about but dont have them in full sequence. If you got magz to trade holla

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I got Crazy Kings #2(Ramellzee in front)#3( all oldschool heads in the front) #4( Mitch) but I wont sell them. Those are things that will never be reproduced. I've gotten rid of old krylon cans and wasted them before I will sell my magz. I wish I got all the Skills,Undercover,Flashbacks. No Limits 2 Fame, Masterpiece. The American Magz game isnt on par with our Euro or Aussie Counterparts. The best magazine that I have seen so far is One Track Mind reppin Bay Area Graff. Im not sure if its still active but worth looking into

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I got a full set of Hypes' 1-20...


An 82 Nora Cup GT (fully restored) or a thousand bills and there all yours.



I believe I have one of these bikes, not restored. And Hypes 1 to 20something with multiples of the early ones. Plus flashbacks, vapours, some old skool melbourne one, and a few others.

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