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EON 352

Tales From The Rails

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As the 1980’s came to an end so did the graffiti on New York City’s subway trains.

During this same era graffiti writers were just beginning to discover the possibilities

of painting America’s freight-train system.

In 1992, filmmaker M. Nielsen began documenting this phenomenon. For this video

he has captured hundreds of classic works from coast to coast recorded interviews

with the likes of T. Favin and Yen 34; and documented live ‘missions’ with such

writers as Monk, Keot, Ewok, Rehab and Kon. Shot in color and B&W Super 8 film,

Hi-8 video and 35mm photographs; Tales From The Rails is a presentation of the

‘Freight Movement’ filmed over an 8 year time span and shot in the cities of

Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. Some of the artists whose works

appear in this movie are:

Sane, Smith, Lady Pink, Sento, Sien 5, Key, Cavs, Poet, Hush, Free 5, Muze,

Monk, Spone, Ryze, Alert, Kept, Ewok, Yen 34, Much, Cycle, Power, Gkae,

Haze, Bles, Porn, King 157 and many more! Music excavated by A. Broder.

^^Taken from the net.

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i own this on VHS and a buddy burned it to dvd for me not long ago, best freight graffiti video i have seen...

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This video is sick. It reminds me of the days before 90 percent of freight writers became faggots like these days.

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