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That is a good one. I really like the Chicago part of the series.


Another good one to watch is Maestro.


Maestro Part 1 of 9.




It focuses mainly on the early NYC era (Paradise Garage/Tunnel/The Loft). It's the stuff that Knuckles took to Chicago with him. It's really low budget, but has some great info about that time.


David Mancuso is the fucking man.

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Seeing that house came from disco, I'll post this here:




It's a show from the Vinyl Mania warehouse. They do these label presentation shows and this one is for Prelude. Charlie (the owner) is a great guy and when the store closed down, he moved his entire stock to a small warehouse space in Coney Island. It's a digger's paradise. When he says he has over a quarter million records, he ain't kidding. It's wall to wall stacks and racks and the first time I walked in there I almost shit myself. Vinyl Mania is actually a very important part of NYC's house music history. When Larry Levin started playing at the Paradise Garage, Charlie had just opened up Vinyl Mania around the corner. At first he was selling rock records, but then the club goers started going in requesting what Levin was playing. So Charlie started selling more for that crowd and his store was open until 2007. They even had a label back in the day that put out house tracks.


He's still selling records online now, so if you want old classics, he probably has them.




He also has a store on Discogs, but I can't find the link right now. If anyone is really interested in buying from him, hit me up and I'll get it to you.

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alrighty ive got some deep tech for today



Dapayk & Padberg Feat. Caro- Island (Florian Meindl Remix) nice progressive groove

grand old legend doing his thing with zero7 vocals

Dop - Vsop (Bodycode AKA Portable Mix) - really good artist remixed by even better artist, check their live vids


on a different tone, my big time favourite release in 2010, sounding like a proper nineties track

play this at any party, once the bassline drops everyone gets it

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hey at least you`re in berlin, so you have some good parties going on for sure. im stuck in tallinn with tons of snow and nothing going on


watching maestro right now, great portrait of a early new york scene .

if anyone`s interested theres couple of books covering the same era:


first one`s prolly easier to find:

Kurt B. Reighley Looking for the Perfect Beat: The Art and Culture of the DJ


and the other one is kind of a disco gem:

Albert Goldman - Disco

its mainly photographs, but also great written words in the spirit of the 70s. i actually scanned a lot of photos from that book, may dump them in here, if anyones interested. mostly black and white flicks of black gay men sweattin in the discotheques : )

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lil 2-hour mix




1. nathaniel x – gotta get over 2010

2. altered natives – rain

3. nicholas – i get it

4. nick sole – never (space dub vinyl version)

5. soundexile – the unknown (simon garcias`s mioxam remix)

6. jefferson velazquez – i`m done with it

7. art department – without you

8. burnski & robert james – malibu

9. tornado wallace – always twirling (norm de plume remix)

10. san soda – birdies that fly

11. tommy – sense of danger

12. lee curtiss – black door beauty (original mix)

13. bicep – darwin (retro/grade edit)

14. tiger & woods – dr burner


16. san soda – hypocrisy

17. storm queen – look right through (vox)

18. larry heard presents mr white – the sun can`t compare

19. makam – boss and lomber

20. jaffa surfa – doin` hauz

21. moody – its 2 late 4 u and me

22. wolf & lamb – want your money (dyed soundorom remix)


and one track from 2007 that still gives me the chills

Daso - Meine

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