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I thought that contact was a collab from deadmau5 & glenn morrison.

Anyway, speaking of deadmau5. His first album, in contrast to his latest album, was great. Lots of good progressive/deep house tracks.


Faxing Berlin






Brazil (second edit) (best of him, imo)

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i like this stuff a lot, i'm in the process of making a winter house mix so this is where my heads at:


*this guy destroyed my brain a few wks ago

Ben Klock - Compression Session 1



Roman Flügel - How To Spread Lies



The Oliverwho Factory - Nightlights

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I love having the delete button.


And whoever said this shit was "hipster?" Really? Is it? When I think hipster, I think of TPWF kids requesting The Smiths to dance too, or saying "you got any electro or Ed Banger mash ups?" I don't think of hipsters saying "got any Jeff Mills or Glenn Underground?" It's not ironic enough for them to request. You're more likely to hear "Got any Ratt or Warrent" from a kid in a v-neck t-shirt and tight black pants.


As for being "faggot shit?" Well, I can't argue that house music isn't deeply rooted in the gay community, but the last time I checked, music doesn't make you gay -- desiring the same sex as yourself does. So if your real reason for not liking house music is because you're afraid your friends might think you're gay --well you need to look at the bigger picture. Maybe it isn't the music, maybe you're just a homo deep down inside.


I didn't get into house until about 95-96. When you take it out of the stereotypical gay club stigmatism, it's probably one of the most positive movments in music both culturally and as an artform. The roots of music are rhythm, bass and the power to move a human in sync (or not) with its sound. House does that and even more. Like I said, to each their own, but when it comes down to it, house music isn't just some "faggot hipster shit." It's birth and growth is parallel with hip hop, and if you ask me, it has stayed a whole hell of a lot more true to itself than hip hop has over the past 15 years.


I've posted most of these in the trip hop thread, but I'll add them here as well.


Dj Sneak-Latin Seoul


Charly Brown - The Twilight Zone (Youtube sound doesn't really show the bass of this track. If you play this on a good system, with the pitch pumped up a little, you'll kill any packed house party.)


Paul Johnson - Hear The Music






Moodymann - Lake Shore Drive




I-Cube: Disco Cubism (Daft Punk Remix)


Purveyors Of Fine Funk - Ashes smashing red


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Recently, one of my friends found a box of records on the sidewalk and took them home thinking it was full of hip hop. Apparently he grabbed a small stack and it was all hip hop but when he got home it turned out to be house music. So he called me up and told me I could take it if I wanted.




So I went over thinking it was going to be all junk, but it turned out to be 97% solid tracks and all in mint condition and the years range from 96-03. I don't know who would throw out this many good records, but I'm glad they did. I'm also glad my friend hates house music.

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