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MLB 2011.. never to early thread!


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If the twins starting players can stay healthy, our lineup is going to be nasty as hell, excluding Casilla and butera when he's catching. I predict a mediocre April from Nathan and Morneau, then them coming back to their former selves in may/june. If slowey can put a few extra ticks on his fastball, I think he'll work out well in the pen. Plus, he can always step back into a starting role if homer maker baker isn't consistent. It's gonna be a good one in the ALC.

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panda was gesturing for the ball cause kemp wasn't paying attention and nonchalantly walking back to third. the throw was in a good spot to make the tag but panda was lazy and didnt move or wanted some of kemps ass.


LOL @ fallback. nigga please


candlestick was crazier fans when i went.

i heard the new stadium is inflated prices so you get a more wine and cheese crowd


Phillies = only team in all of the pro sports to reach 10,000 losses.

worst franchise in ALL sports EVER!

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Pavano is atrocious .


I'm so happy for the Blue Jays. Tonight was a good night. I was giving hugs all around, and I listened to the game on the radio and stayed away from downtown.


Tomorrow is interesting for us. Drabek against Liriano. But darn it, if you were a Jays fan, tonight was the night. Nothing at all went wrong.


Btw, I just wanted to say that I'm glad I didn't go to the game tonight. A bunch of suburban losers getting into fights into the stands and throwing their free towels after the Arencibia homer...as much as I love Opening Day, I'll go to my first game later and hope there is much more of a uniformed police presence next year. /FTP

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Josh Johnson working on a no hitter through 6 in the Marlins season opener. Can't watch the whole game,

but it'll be rad if in one of the first games of the year, a no hitter gets thrown.


Can I say that I love Doc and wish him a hundred rings (as a Torontonian), but Florida looks good!

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You know, i gotta say, living in the bay, all i'm hearing is fuck the dodgers. But the giants are shooting

themselves in the foot with all the errors. It happens, it's only the first 2 games, and i think it's pretty

much because they're so hyped up about being defending champs with so much being expected outta them.

At least it aint the playoffs and it aint brooks conrad throwing away a season with 15 errors a game.

Fucking relax and let the dudes fall into a rhythm, and stop bitching about it to me at the bar like i give a fuck

for god sake.

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So I just heard that the guy who got beat down here in L.A. was induced into a coma and part of his skull was removed to relieve the pressure.


I hope those busters do time for this. Shit is fucking weak.


I love L.A. to the bone, but would never wanna end someone's life over it.

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