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MLB 2011.. never to early thread!


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I officially hate Baseball.


The White sox fucking suck, how do you have a roster like they do, start off being the predicted leader of the divisoin and then just suck ass constantly.


Sorry ass Ball team is all I have to say, Im not a fair weather fan but season after season this shit gets ridiculous.


Please god let football come back asap.

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Really guys??? We're only 32 games into the season and you are giving up. Plenty of time left but I'll agree, it's been ugly. I doubt Ozzie was behind the Adam Dunn trade (Sgt. Strike out). He's battin .153 for a DH, .301 OBP at $12 mil/yr?!? Can I get Thome Back?!? Twins got him for $3mil/yr. As for our bullpen, Crane is descent, sale can setup, and Santos can close. Thornton is a bust, unless we're up 10 runs when he comes in. Boy cracks under pressure. Ozzie won us a title in 05- kinda carries some weight. It;s early still. If were on the same path in mid July, then we got some moves to make.

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game on Sox... rain delays are great for fans at the stadium. seats that most cant afford are open and moved down too cuz many bounce out or dont show up...


and ALL HOT Dunkin Dounuts drinks are FREE in the whole park for the loyal fans who stayed... Fenway FTW...

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Good showing by Plouffe for his first call up of the year. Looks like we got our replacement for Casilla, once Nishioka is back. And another quality start from Baker. Sure, he let them blast two homers, but thats how Baker will always be. Embarrassingly bad game by the Red Sox.

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Too bad Plouffe was a retard in spring training. Hopefully he can put the bat on the ball. We sent down Holm and brought up Rene Rivera who might be a slightly better offensive catcher. Slowey was activated from the DL and we optioned Dusty Hughes to AAA.


Everybody is slowly coming back.


We've got about 7 AAA guys on the team right now with Young, Mauer, Thome, Repko, and Nishioka on the DL.

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