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MLB 2011.. never to early thread!


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Sucks that my White Sox are losing all the bright spots on the team.


Gonna end up with a bunch of AAA players and Konerko, but unfortunately Rios and Dunn who


aren't going anywhere soon. Buehrle gonna be a nice addition somewhere. Danks also cause


his last year stats are completely misleading. Doods a good pitcher.

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Miami is going wild. They're actively going after most of the big free agents, and they are not fucking around on big offers.


On the Twins front again:


"The Twins offered Michael Cuddyer a three-year, $25MM deal"


Highly doubting that pans out. If so, sweet deal. If not, get Willingham.

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Reyes 106mil for 6yrs i though was a bad look but 10yrs for someone who is 32 is just something i have NEVER herd of... this coke money bs is retarded too, miami wish they had the loot boston and ny had. you dont see either of them teams making some dumb offer to poolhoes like that and neither wanted reyes injury prone ass... this is all about trying to keep fans in the seats of the new stadium.

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also Hanley Ramirez is umad at the fact he probably wont be playing ss. already some club house drama... he talked a bit of shit publicly i guess and Ozzie said Hanley is number one guy no matter who they sign... who says that?


*edit to my last post...

i forgot Jeter and Aroid got 10yr deals...

but to put in perspective, marlins looking to spend more this winter then they have in the last 9 seasons if they sign albert... haha

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White Sox deal Santos to Toronto for minor leage arm. Team is completely in rebuild mode


and I don't think Ken Williams had planned on taking the team in that direction. Shows how


fukin inept he is. Fuking sucks. Guess Thorton is on the block also. He aint a bad


pitcher, just not the closer the Sox tried forcing him to be.


Konerko gotta be loving this shit.

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miami is a LATINO city. the wetbacks hop ship on that coast just like the slant eye hop ship out west.

the miami marlins sign albert and jose, not to mention bell although not latino, and they have a young core. regs may be bumped outta position but should swallow ego's when they realize who they are being replaced by, and that if they willingly adapt to their new roles that it will help the team. only NEG i c is OZZY, but then again, he's a latino, they are hott headed egomaniac people, i could c him being the right foot to fit the ruby slipper....

(length of contracts is too long, but sometimes thats the price you pay)

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You have to get fans in the seats before you keep them...I went to the game in Florida's old stadium when Roy halladay pitched a no no and there were more Phillies fans tailgating and in the stands (made me proud). The Marlins have a terrible fan base despite having won 2 WS. they're trying to put a spark in this franchise by adding these big name also latino free agents...


I think Pujols will stay in St. Louis though, They are offering more years and money plus he's more comfortable there.

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