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...Rest In Peace Lamas...

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...A week ago today Miami's own Lamas a.k.a. Where2 passed away driving home during Art Basel. He was a charitable friend and very talented individual that will be greatly missed and never forgotten...May you Rest In Peace Ernie and look over us...


Brizo Kbt Wh Ep

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I met him once at krome in 09, he seemed like a really positive and amiable person, it's a shame to see people like that go so early.My condolences to his friends and crew. Rest in peace.

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I told u what i had to say in person before u went in, and i knew u were still there. Youve been my brother since day one and always will be. I'm glad i got to be a part of your life. But i am even more glad that u got to be a part of mine, because everyday i learned something knew from you. I met a new family that i love dearly thanks to you. Now i know why i went to ai for those couple of months. I went there to meet you. Every person that was in your life met you for a reason. In the past week i learned what my reason was. That stays between you and me.

Thank you for changing my life for the better. Thank you for giving me style. Thank you for making me a better person. Thank you for meeting and making me part of the lamas and introducing me to the guks. Thank you for all the laughs and the smiles, your beautiful smile that will stay with me forever. Thank you for being the first person to hit my black books. Thank you for being there for me whenever i needed you. Thank you for being the greatest person ever.

I never thought id had to write you something like this, and its breaking my heart. Im doing like shit now and i dont know how to keep going. But i know that no matter where i go, nor who im with, or what im doing, i know youre there with me. Protecting me. And looking out for me. Take care of all of us Ernie. Your probably looking down at me and laughing saying "look at this guy" and then youd say "get off my dick bro" and well look at each other and crack up haha.

Damn Ernie, I already miss you like crazy. I promise ill never stop representing for you. No matter where i go. No matter where im at. Now or in 50 years. Im always gona have you in my heart. Cant wait to see you, and give u a big hug man. Wait for me with a brew and an L homie.

PS. Thank you for finally getting a throw up :D cuz that shits ill my dude, and your gonna see it everywhere. You have no idea how many ppl have been paying there respects my friend. Your a star. And u went out like the star that you are. With a smile on your face. Like always. Happy ass nigga.

I love you with all my heart friend-o. ill be seeing you soon, and speaking to you. You were always a great listener.

Your brother, Rambo.

"Savor the flavor of the Llama."

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Ernie Burger,


Sitting here writing things and then deleting them over and over. Its very hard to believe you are physically gone. My time with you was short but it was very strong, and our friendship will live on forever. I knew you as my safest friend, the person to call when I just wanted to chill out and get away from the fast paced Miami lifestyle.


You were a true supporter of all your friends activities whether it be screaming the loudest at the LlamaBeats shows or being the first person, and usually the only person, to call to tell me that you saw the spots we were doing. The type of guy who rolls with his friends to get flicks of spots he wasnt a part of just because he loved to see his friends work and was proud of all of us. The type of guy to turn around as he's pulling into his driveway after a long night to bring his friends some jumper cables on the other side of town.


You were a tremendous person with a heart too big for your body, and you proved it everyday. It was with great sadness to watch you go, but with your departure came the arrival of a whole new set of family and friends who I immediatly loved like my own. We will take care of your Mom, and TiaLuli, Auntie Kim and Sara, and everyone else who you loved and who loved you.


We will scream our heads off at the Llama shows for you, and we will try to duplicate your sketches but you are going to have to cut us some slack because I dont think any of us can paint as cleanly as you could with such attention to detail.


I froze up that day in the hospital and couldn't really tell you what I had to say, but I am taking a bit of comfort in knowing that you are not alone up there and that our fallen friends and your brother are looking over you. I love you Ernie, your life was to short but you lived it to the maximum, we have all learned something valuable from you. You will never be forgotten, and you will be missed forever, but your legacy will live on through the music and art of your best friends and in the hearts of everyone who knew you.


Looking forward to seeing you in the future Ernie, I will meet you at the bar for dollar beer nights in the sky brother. Watch over us and keep us safe.


With Love forever,

your brother from another,


Lamas Loved Cool JamesO


Dzee from the LBC.

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Ernie was and is one of really good guys out there. This cat had so much going on it was incredible. Ernie was and is a look you in the eye, firm handshake kind of guy. Rest In Paradise young homie. love the Writing History family.


by fume17


by loek

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