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Just as a goof, try heroin. -artie lang  

Was going through some old mags and came across this. Wiped the jizz off and decided to post it!  

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if dude realised what he was goin over he prolly wouldnt have. but as i said aroe was already gone, that wall is deffitly lookin pretty sad right now, shit flinging imternet fans blowin up spots is sad too though so dont play yourself


This is the worst paragraph ever attempted to be assembled. All grammar mistakes aside , the Aroe ghost was a lot sweeter than those half cocked fill ins. why did it take three people , and why is it a 3 for 3 fail? i mean one of those dudes should have been able to assemble something resembling a decent attempt to do some ill graf'n'taggin. I'm all set with this debate after what I say here: PAY ATTENTION. it the best advice any graffiti writer will ever receive. Obviously nobody took the time out of the day to privy you to this solid bit of wisdom , so thank me later. I don't know if you had some hand in this mess , but you seem butt hurt about it.

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yo foreal that HE is such a bite you know he straight traced a kesh throw up. LOL get over yourselves your all mad funny. go to work fuck some pussy and hey maybe you can go paint. haha. get off your asses and put some work in. whos up in the city........ NOT YALL.

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whos gonna go paint when the older shit is all gone and faded i guess we should all jus not rock the streets cuase these fools dont want people out there paintin up there walls. fuck nancy fuck hater faggot dick riding pussy 15 yearold ethugs, and fuck the bullshit go get some paint hop in your whip throw on some tunes and scope some spots. lets do it 2011 stop being complainers and be action takers. better yet head takers. yeah pusssssssssy

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