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Baltimore (CNN) -- Authorities in Maryland arrested a Baltimore man Wednesday on suspicion of plotting to bomb a military recruiting station, the U.S. attorney's office said.


The man -- described as a 21-year-old American who converted to Islam -- is upset that the military continues to kill Muslims, according to information pieced together from one government and two law enforcement sources. His name and residence were not immediately made available.


Marcia Murphy with the U.S. attorney's office in Baltimore said the suspect was arrested in the morning hours "in connection with a scheme to attack an armed forces recruiting station in Catonsville, Maryland, with what he believed to be a vehicle bomb."


The arrest comes after a string of unsuccessful terror attempts, such as last year's alleged Christmas Day bombing attempt, the botched Times Square car bombing, and the alleged Portland, Oregon, plan to attack a Christmas tree-lighting.


The suspect is to make an initial appearance in a U.S. District Court in Baltimore at 2 p.m. Wednesday.


One of the law enforcement sources said the FBI learned about him in October when somebody reported worrisome Facebook postings.


The suspect brought up the idea of targeting the recruiting center and while he was being watched by law enforcement agencies, he tried to recruit three other people to participate in the plot, the source said. However, the three rebuffed the suspect.


An undercover FBI operative told the suspect several times that he didn't have to go forward with the plan but he decided to stick with it, the source said.


A government source confirmed the man's age but couldn't provide the name because the case's paperwork is under seal. The suspect planned to use a truck bomb to be remotely detonated but the device was made inert by the FBI, that source said.


This source also said the man "never wavered in his determination" to stage an attack despite the several chances he was given to back out.


Murphy -- who confirmed that the suspect was monitored for months -- said there was "no actual danger to the public" because the explosives were inert.


She emphasized that there is "no evidence" tying the suspect to recent shootings at military recruiting centers in the metropolitan Washington area.


The case bears similarities to the Oregon one because of the sting techniques used, the source said.


On November 26, Oregon State University student Mohamed Osman Mohamud, 19, was arrested after he allegedly attempted to detonate what he thought was an explosives-laden van parked near a tree-lighting ceremony at Portland's Pioneer Courthouse Square, authorities have said.


The bomb was fake, thanks to an undercover operation designed to undermine the plotter, and officials said the public was never in danger.


The Justice Department said Mohamud's arrest came after a long-term undercover operation during which the teen was monitored closely.


Mohamud, a naturalized U.S. citizen from Somalia, pleaded not guilty November 29 to a single count of attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction shortly after being indicted on that charge by a federal grand jury. He could face life in prison if convicted. A trial date has been set for February 1.


Mohamud's lawyer, Stephen Sady, has said government agents entrapped his client, "grooming" him as a potential bomber and providing him with money and transportation to support the plot.


Arthur Balizan, the FBI's special agent in charge in Oregon, has said: "Our investigation shows that Mohamud was absolutely committed to carrying out an attack on a very grand scale."


Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano declined to discuss the Baltimore arrest Wednesday, but said stings "are part and parcel of the toolbox law enforcement must have and must employ, particularly in this type of terrorist environment."


She said there are "rules that govern them and they're done very carefully and the FBI abides by those rules, law enforcement abides by those rules, but they are an important tool to have."


In October, Faisal Shahzad, a Pakistani-American, was sentenced to life in prison for a botched attempt to bomb New York's Times Square.


He was accused of attempting to set off a vehicle bomb in Times Square on May 1. The bomb failed to detonate, and Shahzad, a naturalized citizen, was arrested two days later while attempting to leave the country on a flight bound for Pakistan from New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport.


Prosecutors said he carefully selected his location as a highly populated target and intended to strike again if he wasn't caught the first time. He pleaded guilty in June to all 10 counts in the indictment against him.


On December 25, 2009, Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab, the British-educated son of a Nigerian bank executive, allegedly attempted to set off a bomb sewn into his underwear on a Northwest Airlines flight from Amsterdam, Netherlands, as it approached Detroit, Michigan.


AbdulMutallab has pleaded not guilty to six federal terrorism charges, including attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction and willful attempt to destroy an aircraft. He has rejected his federal public defenders, opting to act as his own attorney.





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Christ, the FBI are such a bunch of talentless hacks.


They can't catch anyone who matters, it's obvious they set up this man's Facebook, told him what to post, and converted him to Islam for crying out loud. Can't he live!?

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i thought he was reporting old news


god damn people are stupid. this is like an episode of Bait Car but for terrorists

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Step one, proclaim extreme anti American sentiment.

Step two, get strangers with dunkin donuts brand credit cards and non ironic mustaches in on plot.

Step three, Profit$$$$$

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Man, I've drunkenly said a lot of stupid shit on facebook, I wouldn't be surprised if people reported me by now.




To help grasp the epic adventure you are about to intake, I suggest using the links to the tracks that will be used in the movie while you read a long.












The "White Devil" glares into the distance, behind him the sun is setting on the plains of northern Africa. An eerie scene soon comes more clearly into focus, the lifeless bodies of men, women, and children spread across a burning village... or so whats left of it.


A 180 degree turn into the eyes of the White Devil will show the near future. Manning the machine gun atop his lifted hummer dragging a cross by chains with a burnt corpse nailed to it, he does not flinch, nor smile, nor talk, just nods and points to control his army of 2000 men made into killing machines who see nothing but red while wielding their guns, axes, and machetes.


Approaching the next village, he is greeted by the local priest. After halting to an abrupt stop, the priest begins to speak of peace, love, and God. The White Devil does not accept being spoken to. His own men have been killed by his blood soaked hands many of times for simply informing vital information. Though this is much more, being spoken to about the word of God.


As the White Devils eyes begin to show the purest look of evil, the priest begins to cower away from the barrel pointing to his chest. It is then that the army is ordered by a single point of a finger to begin the killing of all who are living among them.


Sound* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JO33W0GXXJU


The shooting of a woman holding a baby in the center of her face will begin the onslaught followed by the White Devil jumping down from his usual pose to grab the priest by his throat until he his unconscious.


After a few more killings (about 25 seconds into the song) the priest is woken up by the furious thrust of a nail through his palm, and another through his feet, and other palm. It is then (when the double bass gets going) that the cross is lifted, upside down, and all the priest will see is the facial expressions of disgust by the white devil as he bleed into the soil among his feet.


After a few more screams and killings, the fire of 2 mens torches is taken to the gasoline soaked cross, previously dragged by the Hummer. As the priest screams in agony, the white devil watches with excitement.


Many killings take place. The White Devil furiously swings a baby by its leg into the side of his hummer, shattering its weak skull against the camouflage painted metal.


The White Devil is unlike any other kind of human. The White Devil is believed to be a descendant from hell, or Satan himself in the form of man. The White Devil leads a massive genocide throughout Africa until he soon meets his only other person of interest...


"King Nigger"





about 6 months ago · Delete Post

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wait these guys are not being discussed?




oh i see, its another one of these threads...

ill check back in a day, and itll be up to 12 pages of soup ranting.


oh no wait, i wont.

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