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time for twitter actually


and wow this is all over the news cnn msnbc, i know this sounds corny but this is fucking amazing!! the peoples voice are actually being heard!! this is just step 1


Amazon IS the next target, twitter is not. Anybody interested in helping can view easy instructions here: http://pastehtml.com/view/1c8i33u.html

Ignore the malware warning, Obviously.

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This contest will run all week until Friday - December 10, 2010 .. 6 p.m. EST


Click any Heineken Ad through out the site, once your are on the Heineken Holiday Capsule site find the link that reads Enter To Win.*** Fill out the page with your information and send a screen grab of the page that appears after submitting.*** This contest will not only get you a FREE MONTH OF VIP and the possibility of winning more prizes for entering to win.. It's that simple...


Send me your screen grabs via Private message, we will update your account nightly. Please make sure you submit correctly, we will not reply back to submissions that are wrong.





This contest will run all week until Friday - December 10, 2010 .. 6 p.m. EST




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Does this look like another debate wikileaks thread? Is it entitled Wikileaks discussion? No, this is a thread explaining a very simple way for you to SUPPORT Assange, not sit back and throw flowers at eachother.


you mad now?

He was just making a statement. A relevant one at that

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See now I dont like Paypal for the changes theyve made and the whole ebay control but yet I think that my parents lively hood is at stake because of a strictly ebay business of my mothers. SO why would I want to help sabotage my family for a day?


So someone tell me what really is at stake here? Why this risk is so necessary? and who is this dude?

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I can see where you guys are coming from and I do applaud your efforts, but the man always wins in the end.


You can't hurt a corporation. If it were a small business run by one, or even several people you could stick it to them (the way they're sticking it to the founder of wikileaks).


Master Card is huge, so many people, so much money, so many laws behind them. They can afford to stick it out and still turn a profit in the end. In fact the CEO will most likely give himself a bonus for "getting everyone though the attack".


But hey, it's still good to see that the people can make a small dent, I'm sure it shakes them up a little and there is some satisfaction in that.


you lose if you have that kind of mentality

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