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Noam Chomsky

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hey anyone who is a fan at all of NSF club stuff, please help us help our boy:


ive updated the website where we are raising money for MAD, who is battling a rugged cancer diagnosis, with a pledge drive....you can donate cash straight up, or you can donate in excahnge for some custom art of cool merch donated by friends, businesses, and just generally kind folks in the graffiti world.


please check the site for some custom sticker packs from





and MECRO.


also some PAINTED STEEL DVDs, some BLOCK BY BLOCK ink, and some 35mm prints of philly handstyles.




Im glad to say the original vinyl stickers are selling well, and the ILLADELSTYLEZ mops completely sold out!


coming soon: JUNOBO mops, vintage SKILLS Magazines, and more art and stickers from people like KEMS 3A, NSF CREW, UTAH X ETHER, IRONLAK merch, and much more.


If you donated already for mops or stickers, please be patient, they will ship soon. I am trying to juggle all this fundraising along with my own work and family, so its not going as fast as id like at times, but it will be shipped soon!


Thanks to all on behalf of myself and MAD, who needs all your good thoughts and vibes.




-chris nise NSF

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