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my fucked up new situation


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if you owe 20k you only have to do this for a little under a year to pay that off, and that year could easily be his last. quit being a pussy faggot and help your fuckin' grandpa.


also do the picking up women with the "I quit working so I could take care of my elderly grandfather." line because then you and him could double team her.

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really this all depends on how good he is. Good in terms of capability and

presence of mind. If hes chill then it should be fine. If it devolves into

suspicion or resentment then i dont kno. If im able to step out for a few

hours of leisure and hit the local tavern occasionally its good. The way my

mom was talking tho.... Shes like hes going to be real possessive of his

food so you may want to keep some stashed away in your room... and

trying to micromanage the electrical bill. Hopefully i can just throw money

at any type of issue thats not a big deal and squash it like that.

i hope i can get him out and about some. Nobodys forcing me to do this.

I'm just trying to have an open mind and be positive but theres more

to it.

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I've been there, it was 2005.


Grampa used to bring in wet clothes off the line from the backyard because "people will steal them"

Tried to set his son and daughter on a date, he had forgotten they were siblings. It's just keeps getting worse and you want to punch things, until slowly they just sit and stare out the window or at the wall, and continue losing weight to the point that you can not only see bone but ligament as well. They lie in bed, start communicating with people who have already died then they just never wake up.


I'm getting kinda emotional thinking about it, what's worse is that we'll all be there one day but probably more severe with all the weed/booze/general partying we've done in our 20's.

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