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I forgot how to spell cuz i just spell sounds now until i see a red line under the word. then i just fiddle around and try to figure it out. and when that dont work i just google search the word, and it says "did you mean _____?"



I love the future, i dont even know my moms phone number, just says "mom dukes cribbo" on my fone.


you can just right click in the middle of misspelled word and it should give you a few options of what you tried to spell.


now you don't have to go to google :cool:

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Cheating was never particularly hard without the internet either. Mini cheat sheets and tiny handwriting got me through many a required class outside of my major. Way less obvious than being the retard fiddling on your phone throughout an entire test.


Lol my Stats class lets me have a blank final for me to fill in for the final. 8 fucking pages, I don't know how people could fail with that shit. I am doing so good in that class and I actually like it compared to other classes.

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only class ive cheated in so far this time around is Java. I fucking hate writing code.

I would be sitting there writing tax calculators or day countdown programs thinking... i could find

something 100 times better for free online in 15 seconds. Eventually i ended up borrowing code

i found on the web to create the assignment programs. The thing about it tho. For what i'm

going to school for you cant BS your way thru for that long before they find someone that can

actually perform the work. I study hard and often. /nohomo/

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My senior year of HS, we had a substitute for English for the last 3 weeks because our teacher was prego. Our last project was to write an essay, and of course I plagiarized most of that shit..I mean wtf is this sub gonna do about it? Well it turns out he caught on right away. and I failed that class, which meant I didnt walk @ graduation with my class or get to go to grad night. felt bad man

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