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Pre-Veterans Day Rant

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///Begin Rant, Discuss


Saw on CNN and ArmyTimes that "Rough times for veterans still" and "Veterans still not getting jobs". Let me brief you quick on civilians who work for the government, most of them are unqualified, on bases half our spouses who are unqualified with GED's and shit. The reason I'm ranting is 'cause I'm on my 6th year of serving this country and my wife did 7. My wife was out of the army, I was for a year and a half, and alot of my friends are, and it's damn near close to impossible for us to find jobs. I applied for everything from Window Cleaners, Lawn Maint. and Dishwashers to what I was more then qualified to do in the Logistic and Transportation world. Only job offerings I got was Police stations all across america and the DHS. My wife hasn't had a job offering since 2008. I have friends who are homeless. We all served in Combat, some got injured in combat fighting for "Weapons of Mass Destruction" and "Terrorists and Insurgents"


All this shits a joke, America's government is a joke, American's are a joke. People care more about Jessica Simpson or Paris Hilton then people giving their lives for the jokers in office that these same people watching every episode of JerseyShore voted for who have no knowledge of candidates.


What the fuck has america come to, where there's 22 year old homeless veterans who got their legs blown apart in Iraq. The statistics for veterans who are in the poverty level and homeless is completley ridiculous. And the benefits? If the government keeps limiting them and trying to take them way and putting new rules to them everyday, only god damn Command Sergeant Majors and Colonels are going to get them.


Post 9/11 G.I Bill.. another joke. My sister has been using hers for about a year, and 4 months of them they skipped payments, my wife hasn't even got hers approved and she applied in June/July. I tried to use mine to go to University of Farmers Insurance, they wouldn't pay for it. Infact, they don't pay for any certifications or schools unless you get a 70 or above first and pay first, then they give you the money for it half a year later.


It's sad, this countries sad, and it's only the tip of the icerberg.

P.s thanks to Obama for putting us down to a 1.4% pay raise instead of keeping the 3%, instead i'll continue to make $31,000 a year and be away for my family almost 9/10 of the year, 'cause i'm only home 3 days a month


///End Rant



Fuck Bush

Fuck Obama


Lyrics for you;

Verse 1]


Agony and anguish, body count nameless

Gangsters, bangers in the east coast, shameless

Now move mostly, cops watch closely

Years in the making and it’s not how it was supposed to be

Used to be a curfew, used to have truancy

Now kids are rude, different colour is the enemy

Older cats scared cause they show no fear

Lack of respect and taking over spots is clear

In the news, few details of the crime scene

Death is the outcome for innocent teens

Any bystander, blocks have gamblers

Have second thoughts, bring your brandishing the hammer




It’s not a movie when your head’s up, shake down, faced with the tool

Cash it up for revival in this warfare every block is survival

Realise it’s the stars and the stripes operating crime legalized

All day every day in the USA


[Verse 2]


Black president, educated North Cak residents

Exposed hidden agendas and lies are evident

Got us representing causes I don’t want no part of

Bush is like Nino and we living in The Carter

A lost soul wonders where the gospel is

Cause the government got us like hostages

And the kids don’t read; being smart ain’t cool

But some 10 years old’ll come through and shoot up your school

Banks is collapsing, gas is berserk shit: I spend half of my money going back and forth to work

So after 8 years of Bush killing the earth, hell yeah I’ll vote Obama for whatever it’s worth




[Verse 3]


Government officials neglect the poverty and serve the wealthy

While chicks work the pole unhealthy

Welfare recipients laid off work

Claim child support and living off family first


Damn El, this ain’t how it supposed to be

We eating black cheese and fruits, stamp groceries

All these home forced closed and these jobs laid off

A wall street seven hundred billion debt paid off


Wish to be college-bound on a scholarship

Pop dudes strung out and your mom won’t acknowledge it

Prison bars just more than sixteen

Life bid, full term for erasing a dream


Don’t be confused by the shit they put on the tube

And the New York Post and the damned Fox News

It’s the blood of the Indians and the chains of the slaves that made the,

“land of the free, and the home of the brave”



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It's pretty sad, man. A lot of people appreciate that you and countless others were willing to pay the ultimate price. Some of us will put flags out on our porches, some will go to a veterans day parade, some will sit at home and hope there's a game on tv, and some have no idea why they get a day off of work, but are happy just the same.

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1. Not clear from your post, but are you saying you / your wife are not able to get jobs because you served (as if it is a problem having that on your resume)?


2. Are you implying the Government should provide you with education and a job post service? (referring to able bodied personnel).

Why? You choose the job, you know the risk, you get paid.

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He's saying that disabled vets don't get no love...


and people just getting out of the service get no love either.


but all the same, its hard finding a job. im gonna invent a job instead.











they own you homey. you signed your life away fighting for someone elses idea of democracy. i almost did the same thing with the Navy right out of high school... but I didn't. I scored the highest on the ASVAT test that this particular recruitment center has ever seen...an 88% out of 100%... when they told me that, I realized that our military is composed of slack jaws, dirtlegs, and C-Students...


with a C-Student in the white house during that time, I realized I was destined for something greater than serving a country that's got its dick in my ass already. plus, im a pascifist (sic?).

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I am not sure how to respond to Worldbench's first post. I agree with some of his points, but his whining and not offering a solution sounds really stupid.


And nsmbfan, don't think so highly of yourself. You would not be able to get in right now with a 88%.


CILONE = 16 year Veteran

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Yeah, as a veteran myself I don't think you are owed too much if you volunteer. Agree that those who get debilitating injuries should get more help than they usually do, same goes for war widows. It's disgusting what politicians in Australia get compared to war widows. It's also stupid on a pragmatic level as it's not a great recruitment advertisement......



PS, you may want to do your post WW2, Korean War, Vietnam War history. This is nothing new in the US or many other developed countries. Welcome to the world, brother. No one is going to do shit for you even if you think they owe it to you and your wife.

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