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had some good pizza in the upper east side of Manhatten at a place called Roma's.



and if you're into breakfast/brunch try and hit up Clinton St Bakery in the Lower East Side. the brioche french toast is some of the best shit i've ever eaten. carmelized banana, roasted pecan and maple butter. almost worth the 2 hour wait

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theres four guys tops working at smith st, usually though it's 2-3 guys in the shop, so sometimes walking in can be pretty hard. i'd call in ahead just to feel it out.


adorned i don't really know, but i get the feeling that most guys in that lineup are pretty steady w appointments.


don't eat at gray's papaya.

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If you like Chinese, go to Noodle Village on Mott Street (good for congee and dumplings or noodles in soup), there's also a decent place at the corner of Mott/Bayard- maybe it's called Wonton Garden (good for the same), can't quite remember the name but it's almost right at the corner, think it's next to an eyeglass place, right hand side if you're on Mott facing up toward Canal. Great NY Noodle Town on Bowery at Bayard, good shrimp dumplings in soup, 2 shrimp in every dumpling. Jaya Malaysian food on Baxter between Walker/White, and there's a good Vietnamese across the street- the one on the left (there's 2 across the street). Most all of these are fairly cheap.


Go to Pho Bang also if your in this area. Its on mott street, good cheap pho.

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two booootssss so heady or johns pizza or lombardis if yu can ha. there's this place on broome between orchard and ludlow that has 3$ rolls that are actually pretty good, it's from like 330 to some random time. and if you want a good drunken dessert, crepe place on ludlow btwn stanton and rivington.

then run around subway tunnels and go to museums.

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Realized there's 2 other places I left out in Chinatown:


There's a fried dumpling place on Mosco st, if you've got your swerve on and are down to your last $2 head there, $1 for 5 will resolve your wasted munchies. Also, dim sum is pretty dope, I'd suggest Golden Unicorn on E Broadway/Catherine St- definitely go early or expect to wait, 10-11am is good there.

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