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marines kill druglord, gunmen block streets.

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By Robin Emmott – Sat Nov 6, 5:40 pm ET

MONTERREY, Mexico (Reuters) – Rival gunmen blocked roads near the U.S. border and strung up threatening banners on Saturday after marines killed one of Mexico's top kingpins, and Washington reaffirmed its support for the country's drug war.

Gunmen used buses and trucks to block roads in Reynosa, a Gulf cartel stronghold across the border from McAllen, Texas, and west of Matamoros, where marines on Friday shot dead gang leader Ezequiel "Tony Tormenta" Cardenas.


In an apparent riposte from rivals, gunmen from the Zetas gang hung messages between trees and over bridges in Reynosa and in cities across northeastern Tamaulipas state, mocking Cardenas' death. "Once again, the Gulf traitors' destiny is evident ... there's no place for them, not even in hell," read one banner that was signed by the Zetas.

Fighting broke out between gunmen and soldiers in Reynosa, and two assailants died on Saturday, newspaper El Norte said.


U.S. President Barack Obama rang Mexican leader Felipe Calderon on Saturday "to reaffirm United States support for Mexico's efforts to end the impunity of organized criminal groups," the White House said in a statement.


More than 31,000 people have been killed across Mexico since December 2006, when Calderon took office and launched his cartel crackdown. The government is under increasing pressure to contain the burgeoning death toll.


Soldiers and federal police across the region quickly broke up the roadblocks in Reynosa and took down the banners. But many residents were still wary of revenge attacks, as the Zetas, the former armed wing of the Gulf cartel, try to capitalize on the weakened state of their erstwhile employers.

Some people ventured out on the streets of Matamoros on Saturday, walking past buildings with fresh bullet holes from Friday's gunfights. But the U.S. consulate was closed and its weekend visa services were postponed until further notice.


Tamaulipas has witnessed some of Mexico's most shocking drug war violence this year, including the murder of a popular gubernatorial candidate -- Mexico's highest-level political murder in 16 years -- the massacre of 72 migrant workers, bombs hidden in cars and slain youths strung from bridges.


"It's a huge relief to know that Tony Tormenta has been eliminated, his gangsters were everywhere. But we're still worried because they'll find another boss, and who knows what the Zetas will do," said a supermarket worker in Reynosa who gave his name as Oscar.



Underscoring the widespread nature of the violence, the mayor of a town in the northwestern state of Durango was beaten to death by masked gunmen on Friday, state prosecutors said.

San Bernardo Mayor Jaime Lozoya, who had just taken office and was driving along a highway with aides and his daughter when he was attacked, was one of at least 18 mayors killed in Mexico since 2008. His predecessor fled the town last year after receiving threats from drug gangs.

Gulf kingpin Cardenas' was the fourth top drug baron to be killed or captured in Mexico since December of last year in a string of coups for Calderon's army-led drug war. But beheadings, shootouts and the deaths of innocent bystanders have overshadowed those successes as the war rages.


Cardenas, 48, was the brother of former Gulf cartel leader Osiel Cardenas, who was extradited to Texas in 2007. Known as "Tony Tormenta" or Tony Storm, he had a $5 million bounty on his head in the United States and ran the gang with Jorge Eduardo Costilla, known as "El Coss," who is still at large.


The Gulf cartel, which also has cells across the United States, is pitted against the Zetas across northeastern Mexico. That violence has spread to Mexico's richest city Monterrey, killing an unprecedented 720 people in and around the industrial hub near the Texan border, worrying Washington and investors with factories exporting to the United States




-cliff notes.

marines kill druglord he was one of mexicos top king pins.., people battling zetas....

zetas LOL @ the gulf cartel, and hang signs on trees and stuff mocking them... etc.




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being from texas we hear about the killings all the time


a year or so ago i went on a vacation to juarez for 6 days, i went with my homie

who i have known since i was 12. we stayed with his family who is from there and

still lives there. we partied like crazy and i only spent about $250 on booze/food!

good thing about staying with people that are from there was that his cousins that

are our age knew where to go and most importantly where NOT to go. after getting

back to dallas i found out that there were like 80 murders in that one weekend we

were there. crazy shit mang...

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this paisa chick im seeing is from monterrey, she's bout 20 mins from where that happened.


she says she never wanna go back. lol

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pure dee..drool. is any of this new? or has it just been blown up in the media lately


the 1st post in the thread is real.


everything on THE ONION is fake... it's all a joke... skull fucking isn't an epidemic... and no one would ever bring that up in the senate...

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i was referring to the cartels warring and killing each other. i feel like its being sensationlized in the news and media from the last 6 months to a year...and that it's really nothing new. but what the fuck do i know? i'm nowhere near the border. which is why i asked. mexico been gully.

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