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.....Unidentified Rolling Objet.....

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I like the shit you cant read ( AKA ) Wild Styles are cool and all. But its sorta pointless on freights. The whole idea is to able to read them as they role by. Just saying, not haten.




I think this looks better on a wall. Thats just me though i guess.


Nice work blowing up your autorack spot with tags on everything, fucking stupid.

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not to be redundant but two very valid points have been brought up.....


1. tagging anything in a yard is probably the fucking stupidest thing you can do.


2. that laser spaghetti shit looks like something my dog threw up and injury and Rusto are absolutely right...save it for a wall because if i can't read it sitting still no one is gonna be able to read it flying by(or waste the effort of trying to take a picture of it).

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