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En Sabah Nur

What's with all these goddamn graffiti threads in ch0 lately?

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Is it possible that Ch.0 provides a more intelligent area of the site to discuss graffiti? I know it is a stretch but given what I have seen in the other areas of the site, with a number of noteworthy exceptions, the competition is not that fierce.


Whatever happened to the perennial Euro vs USA style debates? I always liked those. Perhaps we should have a good old fashioned death of style debate where young bucks come in and say that bombing is the only thing that matters anymore.


I enjoyed the comments in the cap thread about how he would still keep it street and that somehow should silence any people talking shit cause they "would not say it to his face".


In the end the rules of the forum are born of traditions found to be true by the heads behind it and there is a big "no graffiti content" on the Ch.0 header, perhaps it is best left that way.

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