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Manute Bol


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So this past month I've been building up my new music collection. My old one got lost, blablabla. I figured I'd make a general music thread, as I like music from almost every genre. So here it is, start sharing you assholes.


I started with a shit ton of metal bands, but there is a thread I go to for that, this is the inbetweens. Lately a lot of beats/instrumentals/superphat turn table shit, even a little bit of dub step.


Right now I'm listening to this



Yesterday I added these




have a drink, post some links.

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you cant go wrong with radiohead period...

manute, PM me if your not familiar and i can put you on to their best shit...

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Yes! I've been looking for new music to put on my iPod and I was thinking of making a general music thread...


Lookin forward to seeing what people post.


Awwww is someone pouting because they didn't get a positive response to this very question when they asked it?


Cheer up scout.

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All my posts in the 90's rap thread are what i generally listen to.


Also some electronica ambient bullshit i sometimes listen to.




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Yes, Radio head has a few really good albums. Thanks for the links d0odz.


IHATEU, feel free to PM anything you think is PM worthy


These are some of my favorite albums for teh metalz










Everything Fleetwood Mac/ Depeche mode









^looking for more of those

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