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~~ The Cold Train Thread.....Version 2!! ~~

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Word. I'm a girl for hating dudes graffiti and his low level of respect for fellow writers in our hobby. Just fyi.


It's all good. I'm off this thing. If someone wants to threaten me or hate go ahead and shoot me a pm to set it up or anonymously talk shit.



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Fuck trendy cars and eroding standards of conduct.. All these young kids coming up are gonna point and say, "Well, Croe did it.. so I can too.. its nothing personal, its just I had to paint over something that was better because the car was laid up right." This is why good graffiti doesn't last- not to say that keptoe and them homies are the cream of the crop, but god damn its a slippery slope to people who don't know the rules. Them dudes deserve respect, regardless of what type of car it is. And isn't the number one rule to not go over something if you ain't going to burn the shit? And all this from a guy that says he's about done with trains.. retire already!

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regardless of wether its wack or not, and its unfortunate if so. but a Top to Bottom goes over two single panels. just like a piece goes over a fill in, and a fill in over a hollow, and a hollow over a tag.


you are right, you should never go over something unless you are gonna burn it, but at the same time. top to bottoms go over pieces. thats pretty straightforward as well.


before you are gonna pull cards maybe you should figure out what these "rules" really are.

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