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~~ The Cold Train Thread.....Version 2!! ~~

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This kinda shit right here.........^^^^^^^^where you keep posting shit about my state.........is the type of unnecessary borderline snitchy type shit that's gonna get your fat, midwestern, inbred fucking ass beat into a coma! Goddamn you............stay the fuck off the internet with putting places on blast!

Fuckkkkkkkkkk offfffffff!!!!!!!

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whats that have to do with a spot? nothing dude its info on cold trains.


What does that have to do with "a spot"? Wow. You have to be the dumbest motherfucker on the planet.

"A spot", you dumbfuck, has everything to do with railroad specifics. The only difference between a spot that is paintable and not paintable...........is just that. You don't know until you go there but I don't need you putting shit having to do with MY state on blast on the internet. Do you see me doing that to you with everything and anything having to do with Ohio? You did this same stupid shit to the kids in Atlanta. You put there shit on blast and you got fucking banned for it.

Stop ruining others peoples shit. I have people poaching on our shit already. Keep MY info off the internet ya fat faggot. You just can't seem to listen. You know......the worst part about you is that anyone I know, that was ever friends with your retarded midwest cornfed fat ass, says the same thing. "Crow is just fucking clueless. You have to realize that you're dealing with a retard. The man is almost 40, has never had a career oriented job, follows zero railroad etiquette, goes over people and expects to never have a real life repercussion, and just thinks that since graffiti is fun that it's ok for a toy like him to call himself a "human crush factory", when all he's really doing is painting more trash than the rest of us.". That's a real quote from some old friends. Man..........keep my info off the internet. I'm warning you.

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