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Gnarly Sheen

Preserving Graffiti History

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I thought it was pretty interesting. I don't know if i'd be better to just replicate the entire car on a wall or... what they're doing. Either way, pretty dope.


Cool story br0, right. I get it.







[[Anyone who has been lost in the last few weeks around the southern reaches of the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn could be excused for experiencing a powerful Koch administration flashback. On the wall of a brick warehouse there, visible from the parking lot of a furniture store, a huge mural unfurls itself, a loving, seemingly spray-by-spray re-creation of one of the more infamous pieces of graffiti ever to ride the subway: a 1980 work by the artist known as Seen that covered the length of a No. 6 train car with the ominous phrase “Hand of Doom.”]]



Read the whole thing

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i am 100% for this, they're using some of the original writers too. If only they were using the original colors!! that'd be crazy.


Although I'm not a fan of changing "hand of doom" to "joan of arc" i think that shit's lame...

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Saw this earlier today. I like the idea but buffing those kuma and hert things was a dickhead move.


totally. if i was them id take it as a diss. where the fuck did the pull joan of arc from? shit is lame if they are changing the original pieces. thats not paying homage, thats bastardizing classics

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awesome. this is like the thread equivalent of style wars... OONTZ VERZHAN!



edit: i remember seeing some girl rocking a messenger bag with that DONDI car on it, i didnt even know those things existed.

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