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hand painted signs

yinz n'at

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On 2/21/2022 at 5:47 PM, morton said:


We have really lost our way visually when someone can justify putting up such a shit sign, I appreciate that we no longer teach cursive in our schools but one would think most people have a general idea that the letters are supposed to line up.


The fourteen year old girl down the street put your shit to shame with their craft stand.


Some stencil work, not sure how they did it.


Old style, maybe actually old.


These are from a weekend walk in Chincoteague, a touristic village on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. There are often good hand painted signs in touristic places, they seem to push back a little against the bullshit sameness that has dominated so much of our culture. 


I had some local food at quality hole in the wall type joints and it just makes me so sad that our countries foodways have been and are being lost to fast food chains. We made a choice to subsidize big ag and big business and now we eat shit just like we look at shit signs.



Did you see the wild horses of Chincoteague?

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I saw a few here and there. 


I hope to return, not for the pony run but maybe. I took a walk in the refuge where the wild pony's hang; pretty place thick with birds and some tre serio birders with cameras like cannons and full tactical gear. The inland part of the area is all chicken farms which makes you wonder if the birders go to Royal Farms for some gas station fried chicked in the middle of a corn field adjacent to a shed where there are like 300,000 chickens.


I am thinking my Eastern Shore next trip will be to Crisfield and that from there I can check out Smith Island and Tangier. Either that or something within striking distance of Annapolis, the area is pretty rich with places to check out which makes going back to Chincoteague less probable. 

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