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hand painted signs

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What is it with job site dumpsters and awesome hand lettering?? It’s a secondary notice for me after all these years on jobs. And long before i even realized how rad hand painted signage was i only ever really noticed it on auto and big 18 wheelers. Not sure if grocery store and liquor stores count since i swear they’re all part of the same printed font crew. Clearly there are flaws here but its just straight up fascinating how much of this shit stands out to me these days. 4B311CC7-3DFA-45D9-95B0-369079BB4E27.thumb.jpeg.12827f5ecc680f313e90d2f3e8799d5e.jpegED39B8A5-1183-4780-AA92-A6D2BB918533.thumb.jpeg.3be331f15aeae04dedb0b546b7cbb8b0.jpegAC6B91CE-6FE4-4DAD-8552-B8B2550CF76D.thumb.jpeg.642ccefb988a121c57b69032c0bb5adf.jpeg

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I am guessing that it is a regional thing, possibly the product of a relationship between one shop and the businesses that rent the dumpsters.


I stopped by this guys https://www.dunnautographics.com/history shop one time and chatted him up for a while when I was thinking about getting a truck painted, he said that all his truck business gets the vinyl, except for construction hauling companies that prefer the old hand lettering.


The durability of paint might play a role also, but at least by memory I have not noticed hand painted dumpsters in the general case.



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I am on the lookout now, pretty good graphic here but on a vinyl sticker, already starting to peal in bot right corner. First fresh cut grass smell of the year though (off topic).

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