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Black People....

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these are what we refer to as DONKS down south.close cousins of SLABS and WHIPS,CHARIOTS and LOWRIDERS.


they tend to be driven by poor ghetto black men who have at the most a fifth grade education.some way or another they have come upon some money and do what any poor person with the mental compacity of a 12 year old would do.buy a cheap car and pimp it out.painting it with all the candies and things in life that most of them were too broke to afford when they were little.the big wheels are paramount to the donk subgroup of ghetto rides because it is the drivers hope that the big chrome wheels will reflect the suns beams directly into the eyes of any near by playa haters,leaving them blinded by the drivers unfaltering freshness.this is where the term "SHININ ON 'EM" came from.




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klondike kat,k-rino point blank and gangster nip....this is gonna be a good albummmmmm.

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