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wolf in sheeps clothing

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As she was being sexually assaulted by Col. Russell Williams, Jessica Lloyd asked him: "If I die, will you make sure you let my mom know that I love her?"


A packed Belleville courtroom erupted in sobs as the heartbreaking question was read out during the sentencing hearing for Williams, who has admitted to killing Lloyd and another woman -- Cpl. Marie-France Comeau -- after viciously sexually assaulting them, carrying out sexual assaults on two other women and committing 82 break-and-enters during which he fed his fetish for women's underwear.


On Tuesday afternoon, the judge formally found Williams guilty on all charges. The verdict, which had been expected, came after two days during which horror-stricken family members listened to often gut-wrenching evidence in a statement of fact detailing his bizarre and gruesome crimes.


Tuesday morning, court heard how Comeau, 37, was tied up, assaulted for nearly two hours and suffocated when Williams covered her nose with duct tape on Nov. 23, 2009.


The soldier fought for her life against her attacker as he videotaped and photographed the assault, court heard in a statement of fact that reduced the woman's family to tears.


The assault ended with Comeau pleading for her life. "Have a heart, please. I've been really good. I want to live," Comeau said.


None of the photos or video taken by Williams were shown in court Tuesday. Instead, the Crown outlined their contents. On Tuesday afternoon, the details of Lloyd's slaying last January were read out.


While Williams knew Comeau, he didn't know Lloyd. He first noticed her when he spied on her through a window as she ran on a treadmill in the basement of her home.


On the night of her murder, Williams watched as Lloyd, 27, turned out her lights and went to bed. He entered her home and was about to strike her when she awoke. He tied her with rope, covered her eyes with duct tape and, as with Comeau, videotaped and photographed the sexual assault.


Lloyd was "absolutely still" on the bed, but breathing heavily, the Crown said. The room was lit with a flashlight and lamps taken from other rooms. Williams moved a lamp to the end of the bed to get better lighting for his video.


Family members in court sobbed as the details were read out.


"What do you think is happening now?" Williams asked her. In a terrified voice, she said: "I don't know."


Williams put a zip-tie around her neck. He had her put on lingerie and took photos.


He brought her outside to his vehicle and drove to his home in nearby Tweed.


Lloyd did everything Williams asked her to do and even apologized to him for stumbling at one point.


He had her take a shower, still bound by rope, and climbed in with her, then videotaped her.


Williams let Lloyd sleep for a few hours. At one point, she had a seizure and she begged Williams to take her to the hospital.


Her eyes were still duct-taped.


"Relax, relax," Williams said. "Don't bite your tongue. Hang in there, baby. Hang in there," Williams tells her as he dresses her.


Sobbing erupted at Lloyd's plea: "If I die, will you make sure you let my mom know that I love her?"


Friends and relatives comforted each other. Many turned away as pictures of cuts on Lloyd's arms were shown in court later.


Williams had Lloyd wear lingerie he stole from her home. He gave her fruit after he finished assaulting her, her eyes still taped closed.


Then he strangled her with rope until she stopped moving. He left the body in his house and went back to Canadian Forces Base Trenton where he was base commander.


He returned to Tweed days later and dumped Lloyd's body.


On Tuesday morning, court heard the details of Comeau's murder.


Comeau was a military flight attendant under Williams' command.


The court heard Williams broke into her home and lay in wait for her in her basement.


When Comeau, dressed only in a shawl, came downstairs to look for her cat, Williams struck her several times with a flashlight, chased her down and tied her up.


He brought her upstairs to her bedroom, leaving a trail of blood.


He had broken off a key in Comeau's door, unplugged her night lights and used a blanket to cover the window in her room. He used to knives to hold the blanket in place.


Then for nearly two hours he assaulted Comeau, while photographing and videotaping the attack.


Williams kept his head down as the Crown read out the graphic details.


At one point, when Williams left the bedroom briefly, Comeau fled, but he chased her down and subdued her again, the court heard.


"No, no, please. I don't want to die. I don't want to die," Comeau pleaded. The video then stops.


After killing her, Williams drove to Ottawa, got rid of his shoes and burned the rope he had tied her up with. Her body, wrapped in a duvet, was later discovered by her boyfriend when she didn't return his phone calls.


Police also found a letter to Comeau's father signed by Williams as commander of the base, offering his sympathy for her death. He also took screen shots of Facebook pages set up in her memory.


After the attack on Lloyd, investigators with Transport Canada developed a list of vehicles that matched the tire tracks found near the crime scene, court heard Tuesday.


Police soon realized the sexual assaults, Comeau's murder and the break-ins were connected.


Officers stopped vehicles at a roadblock to look at tire treads. On Feb. 4, Williams was pulled over for questioning.


Police viewed Williams as a suspect. They followed him to a car wash where he cleaned out his car.


Eventually, Williams agreed to appear at a police station in Ottawa.


He gave consent to take his DNA, BlackBerry and boot tread. Three hours later, police confronted Williams. They were on the verge of executing search warrants at his home.


He told police he wanted to "minimize the impact on my wife."


He showed police on a map where Lloyd's body was buried and agreed to lead detectives to it.


He confessed to all the crimes. Police found videotapes of the attacks hidden in Williams' house. They also found a bag containing 93 women's panties.


Williams will return to court today where his confession to police will be entered into the record.




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Base commander?

I am sure some soldier somewhere had some sort of idea that this dude was twisted,

There is an interesting debate about this case in that the evidence is so sick- the family wants it destroyed before it could potentially get out.

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jesus christ i hate people... shit like this is so fucked...


god forbid any of these tapes leak, i dont understand why or how one would even watch the shit and not destroy them on the spot knowing they already had enough evidence and a fucking CONFESSION to convict dude. the fact that the tapes still exist is foul...

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did you read the part where he signs off on a letter of condolence to one of the bitches family?


Well, this was worded tactfully.

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get over it, br0.


you wouldnt have even heard about this if it wasnt for me.


just be thankful i included some pictures so you have something to jerk off to before bedtime.



threads full of offensive shit, and dude catches feelings over the word "bitch".


ive seen everything.

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I would never jerk off to a picture of COS. Ever.


Also, since you edited your post, I'll just clarify that no one here is mad/upset except maybe you.

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and i use the word bitch in an endearing way.





like biggie.





*since i edited this post i probably need to clarify that since you edited your last post, maybe my comments about your sexual orientation hit a little close to home.

i think umad, dun.

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