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Rest in Paradise Michael *eyeDea* Larsen

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If anyone is'nt aware of the passing of one of the dopest lyricist out there..

Has passed away yesterday..

No info on how the Emcee passed..

But my condolences goes out to his family and friends..


Gone but neverforgotton







*Good i never liked you are friendship was just make believe*


Best damn quote ever..



This is rough. First, Huddy 6, now Eyedea. Tragic week. Rapper Michael “Eyedea” Larsen was found dead today at the age of 28, and there is no known cause of death for the hip-hop freestyle phoneme so far.


Word of his death came via his mother, Kathy Averill, when she made a post on Facebook earlier today after finding him dead. “It is with great pain and sadness that I tell you my son Mikey (Eyedea) has passed away.”




Expect an update once more details are released.


For those who haven’t heard of him, Eyedea is one of the most respected freestyle spitters in the underground business. He found his fame at the Scribble Jam battle in ’99, as well as HBO’s Blaze Battle in 2000. He went on to release several albums with DJ Abilities in their duo “Eyedea & Abilities,” and some solo work as well.


He’s made frequent cameos in the underground with big names like Aesop Rock and Sage Francis, and forged his unique style with his philosophical and narrative rhyming methods. Tragedy only follows the death of the underground innovator.

:( :(

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i had the honor of knowing mikey. Not only was he a beast on the mic, he was a great friend and person. i hope people realize he was more than a rapper to some people. Over the last 4 years we had some amazing/fun times. i will NEVER forget the day of the red rocks show and how fucked up we got while watching groe paint. Watching you stumble across one of the denver's most traveled steets, and then telling me you saw brother ali inside the taco shop. I thought there is NO WAY you could play a show like that. little did i know that stepping in the venue parking lot was like a shot of adrenelin to you and you KILLED it in front of 10 thousand people. best show you have done in denver, ever.


I never thought when I left your house last summer i would never see you again. thank your for letting me stay with you after the last show on the atmosphere tour last summer. You held me down when i was broke as fuck, real talk, broke. I remember talking about the sonic youth poster in your apartment, and how you loved hip hop but were jaded by the industry, and couldnt wait to create more music with your bands.


Rest In Peace Friend, I and the world will miss you.


-You Know Who, 303


p.s- thanks for not getting mad at me when i accidently walked on stage last time you were here, i know max was kinda heated, but i was soooo lost backstage :)

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