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mideastern is a crying lil bitch always complaining like a slut.fuck you and like i said you short piece of shit go and get 10yrs of supplies of Rogaine.you fucken cunt.(poon job) "Thank you come again" - TheDemons 7:77


Hey smarty pants. I have a full set of hair, wtf are you talking about... And what ever happened to you knowing who I was... If you knew who I was you'd know for 1. Im not a punjob 2. I Don't need rogaine.. So what up? Im calling you out. PM me if you know who I am and let's see the pic, Mr you know it all. :lol:

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hey you kno what FUCK YOU and THE MAKER...pinche par de putos....the two BFFS...ima find both of you and make both of you take DOS VERGOTAS in each hole u guys have in your bodys..FUCK the 510....DICK RIDING jelouse fucks...both of u girls r just talk...if u guys r here it means u jock the tank..-HASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE.. PS why dont both of you hold hands and go get married..:D :D :D :D



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