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prop 19 *if* it passes

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wow.....there were so many things wrong with that animation.


for example:


i dont think arnold shwarzenegger would go around shooting people that smoke weed with a shotgun.


you cant smoke weed in public like that.


they made the 5 ft by 5 ft growing lot look like the size of the house.



but on a side note, that weed ice cream truck looks interesting.

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Truth #1-Kids are forced into Drug Rehab because they got caught with Marijuana--not because they are addicted.


Truth#2-The gateway to hard drugs comes from illegal Drug Dealers, NOT Marijuana.


Truth#3-WHISKEY is 8X stronger than BEER, that doesn't mean people are gonna drink the same amount of Whiskey as they do BEER


Truth#4-Marijuana taken as an Herb does not cause cancer


Truth#5-You don't see Drug Dealers trying to sell WHISKEY to kids


Truth#6-Marijuana is less addicting than alcohol

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