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I would like to know what everyones opinion is on people saying first. Personally it doesn't bother me. I don't see what the big deal is.

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It was at one point a pretty serious offense as it is a waste of bandwidth and does not contribute much to the conversation. Starting a thread to discuss the matter in further detail would also likely land in such territory.


I personally think that people should put a little more effort into most of their posts and or their threads.

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To tell the truth what bugs me more are silly picture responses to no end. A kid on here once said that he left all his "response pictures" in another hard drive or he would be winning the argument. That was the first time I ever clicked the "I disapprove" box in the props feature.

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croc beat me to it!






THE WRITERS FORUM's purpose is to establish community among like-minded individuals. Any repeated attempts to disrupt the flow of community on our boards will result in having your posting priveleges revoked and your account blocked or deleted to avoid any further disruptions. The following is a general list of rules for THE WRITERS FORUM. If you intend to participate on our boards, we'll expect you to follow them explicitly. Anyone noticing any violation of these rules can simply use the "Report" link below the violating post to alert THE WRITERS FORUM staff.



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