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What the fuck? The nanny state....

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what on earth?




Quick! Someone call the cops....



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It's not the hand that you're dealt but how you playin your cards

You got a brother feelin mellow like a Cuban cigar

You truly a star, we'll take the days one at a time

I think we make the perfect pair, 'cause you my one-of-a-kind

I say we make a full house, live out the family dreams

No jokers, no jacks, just kings and queens

And we should leave the clubs alone and take trips to islands

Give you all of my heart and flood your hands with diamonds

No more livin like a player, stop chasin' the hoes

I never put you in a shuffle, use my ace in the hole

I live a life full of riches we got places to go

So no bluffin, no rushin, just takin it slow

Let your man do the hustlin' while you lay in the shade

I'll throw a deuce to the haters, call a spade a spade

And let you know I'll never hurt you..

Baby girl, you made me hurry up and wait and I know patience is a virtue

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