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Friend from grade school just got fucked in the ass by the city

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He's kind of a gomer.




Three UW-Madison students just wanted to throw a post-game party. Now they face $86,000 in fines.


One of the three, Travis W. Ludy, says the fines — which authorities said were higher than any others in memory for just three people in one incident — are out of proportion.


"We should definitely get a fine, but I think $30,000 each is by far excessive," said Ludy, a 21-year-old junior from Sun Prairie who is majoring in sociology. "I mean we're college students — not one of us has that kind of money, and putting us in debt like that or forcing us to go in jail because we can't afford to pay it I think is extremely unfair for something that happens every weekend around here."


Madison police say Ludy and his roommates could have gotten off with a smaller fine if they hadn't locked the doors, turned off the music and switched off the lights when officers arrived around 11:30 p.m., a few hours after the Badger football win over San Jose State on Sept. 11.


As police stood outside waiting, underage drinkers started coming out one by one. Officers added another count of furnishing alcohol to a minor for each one who emerged before the three organizers of the party, about 21 in total, said Officer Brian Chaney, one of six members of a foot patrol that happened upon the party that night.


The patrol breaks up three or four house parties on a typical weekend night, and when the people in charge cooperate — by allowing police to search inside for anyone who is over-intoxicated and in potential danger — they get off with a few thousand dollars in fines, Chaney said.


It was a different story on North Brooks Street that night.


"We had no idea that it was going to add up to $86,000 here," Chaney said. "Our goal was to make sure everybody was safe."


Police searching party houses have found unconscious drinkers who needed medical attention, victims of sexual assault and even people being held against their will, Chaney said.


No such problems were found on North Brooks Street that night, and most were sent away without penalty, he said.


Ludy, Mitchell G. Klatt, 20, and Kevin Joseph Tracy, 20, however, face a total of 130 counts alleging that they provided alcohol to minors, encouraged underage drinking and dispensed beer without a license. Klatt and Tracy were also cited for underage drinking, said Assistant City Attorney Marci Paulsen.


Paulsen and Chaney said they didn't know exactly how long it had been since anyone had been hit with such a large fine. Paulsen said it may have been 2005 when 11 members of a fraternity were socked with 266 violations totaling $94,000.


Depending on circumstances such as prior records and cooperative attitudes, the city may require payment of less than half of a fine, with the proviso that the full penalty will come due if there's any future misbehavior, Paulsen said.


Klatt said Tuesday night that he'd just finished an unhappy phone call in which he told his mother back home in Luck about the fines. He said he didn't think making police wait 20 or 30 minutes before letting them in was justification for such an expensive penalty.


Tracy wasn't available, Klatt said.


Ludy blamed the situation on freshme+n from nearby dormitories.


"So many kids kept coming. Ten minutes before the cops came we were already breaking it up because it was getting out of control," Ludy said. "There wasn't a whole lot of beer left anyway."






Cliff notes......................


Homeboy threw post game house party... foot patrol stumbles upon it, house owners turn off music/lights, doesn't let them in etc... foot patrol gets all umad and butthurt and eventually issues the hosts of the party $86,000 in fines.

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complete bullshit its either get a fine and get in debt earlier than expected or go to jail, dont finish college have no one hire you and all the plans go straight to shit.


86,000 for not letting them in and having people come out one by one to avoid a huge dash and injury seems the smartest thing these kids could have done.


i would have been over the fence and away but what ever i say make them clean the place and/or just do a few hours of comunity service.


this will no doubt fall apart if it goes to trial,these guys are retarded if they dont appeal the fine.

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glad he wasn't actually raped in the butt tho. Atleast he has that going for him.

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It madison...whats new ..


In other news kholer is fuckin over the union and sheboygan will be a ghost town in two years... On the plus side theres a new texas roadhouse and kwik trip is bringing back tornados

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This thread does not deliver what it promised....................no gang bang, no anal, no rape. No gang bang anal rape.

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